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Google Fiber pushes service providers to offer faster Internet

Consumers across the country will benefit from faster internet speeds as Google Fiber expands its service areas.

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Homeowners can cut electricity by catching energy vampires

A few efficiency strategies could make a big dent in a household’s monthly spending.

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Evaluate service bundles with these tips and save cash each month

Bundling utilities reduces the total number of phone and internet services providers that a customer has to interact with. 

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Here’s why your electricity bill is so high

Are you walking out of rooms and leaving devices on? Appliances too old? Check out reasons your bill is too high.

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What you need to know when buying a home security system

Security systems are as important to homeowners as cable TV services.

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Cable TV boxes are huge electricity users

Cable boxes are some of the biggest electricity drains in people’s homes.

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Why bother with fiber-optic internet?

Learn why fiber is so great and why it’s worth getting. Not only can it be faster than cable, but it can be more reliable, too.

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5 brilliant tips for electricity safety

In order to be a productive member of today’s high tech society, you’re going to need electricity.

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How to Choose an Electricity Provider

From Oregon to Massachusetts, electric companies in states with de-regulated energy markets are competing for your business, and when companies compete, the biggest winner is you.

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