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Texting coming to landline phones

Texting is a huge reason why people don’t subscribe to home phone services any more, but now the two might be combined.

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All your devices can become a landline

You can now access home phone services through almost all of your devices via Wi-Fi network connections.

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Landline phones are important during hurricane season

Now that hurricane season is upon us you should know that your home phone services are likely your most important utility.

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Here’s why your electricity bill is so high

Are you walking out of rooms and leaving devices on? Appliances too old? Check out reasons your bill is too high.

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Streaming Troubles Show Why Sports Fans Need TV Services

Though you can watch anything via streaming these days, cable TV providers still offer the best way to view sports.

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Home phone service providers can enhance safety

Homeowners can enhance their safety by subscribing to home phone service providers.

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41 percent of U.S. doesn’t have a landline phone

Though 41 percent of the United States’ population doesn’t subscribe to home phone service providers, it seems that consumers realize they should.

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What you need to know when buying a home security system

Security systems are as important to homeowners as cable TV services.

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Cable TV boxes are huge electricity users

Cable boxes are some of the biggest electricity drains in people’s homes.

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