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How Extreme Weather Impacts Energy Production and Transmission

No matter your opinion on climate change, scientists have proven its effects time and time again. And as a result,…

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Stay Warmer In The Winter While Keeping A Fatter Wallet [Infographic]

Nothing drains bank accounts faster or packs a more powerful punch into our budgets than rising utility costs during the…

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People really still use dial-up internet? Actually, 9.4 million do

Remember dial-up – that weird, hollow, echoing sound that defined your childhood? For most of us, this way of connecting…

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3 reasons your house needs a Wi-Fi extender

Check out 3 common internet Wi-Fi ailments and how Wi-Fi extenders can help solve those problems.

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10 Wise Ways to Avoid a Home Fire with All Your Smart Devices

Our homes are becoming ever smarter with the all devices we’re using to upgrade them. But with every new smart…

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All the Wonders of the Top 20 Advanced Home Phone Features

Almost every home phone company today offers common features like Unlimited Calling, Caller ID, and Call Waiting. But it’s those…

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Does Installing a New Thermostat Lead to Cost Savings?

Like most technology, thermostats have undergone a revolution in the last decade. Manual thermostats have been replaced with smart, programmable…

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How to Make Unlimited International Calls from Your Home Phone

As the old proverb states, it’s “better to see the face than hear the name.” But if it’s not possible…

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Do I Need a Land Line to Get a Home Security System?

With the aid of modern technology, home security today is better and smarter than it’s ever been before. And while…

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