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New York State’s Solar Tax Credit: Up to 25% Savings on Your Solar Energy Costs

New York State is as solar friendly as it gets ranking #5 in the nation for installed capacity in 2015…

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Does my house need a home security system?

Investing in a home security system is an important investment, through some folks may neglect this critical measure. If you’ve…

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Be safer, buzz smarter: video camera doorbells

Video camera doorbells let you know who’s knocking, no matter where you are. Stay safe with this smart tech.

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Setting electronics ground rules with your toddler

At 16 months old, my son sent an email. It was just a series of random consonants, but what astonished…

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4 great reasons to hang on to your landline phone

The modern home phone has advanced features that integrate with other smart devices in your home. Learn more!

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Easy Tips to Start Apartment Gardening

Apartment gardening is great for those who don’t want to give up their love for gardening because of their small space. Besides…

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4 simple ways to cut down your electric bill

Implement these energy saving techniques at home to use less electricity and save more money. The small things count!

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50 Ways to Save Energy [Infographic]

Buying a home is a big expense, but did you know that homes are full of hidden costs that could…

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5 Eco-Friendly Home Modifications to Help You Save Money

Going green can sound like an expensive, time-consuming task with little incentive to put forth the effort. In reality, making…

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