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How to get internet without cable or a phone line

Ready to cut the cord? There are plenty of internet-only plans and ways to get home Wi-Fi without cable or phone lines.

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Where can movers find the lowest electricity rates in the U.S.?

Find out which states had the lowest electric rates in 2018 Q2. Louisiana tops the list.

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How to boost your Wi-Fi signal to get the most out of your internet

Boost your internet signal to make it stronger, reach further and give you fast internet speeds at home.

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Latest Cox news and offers: August 2018

Learn about end-of-the-summer deals from Cox, new Cox gigabit expansion and what the latest Cox news and deals mean for…

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The complete guide to internet fees by provider – August 2018

As you sign up for a new internet plan, don’t get slammed with unexpected, hidden internet fees! You can check…

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Latest Frontier news and offers: August 2018

This month, Frontier gives you easy access to Netflix with your Vantage TV plan, discounted pricing on a Nest Learning Thermostat,…

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Best TV packages for sports—fall 2018

Nearly a third of Americans say fall is their favorite season. Why? Maybe it’s the crisp autumn air and the…

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Latest Verizon news and offers: August 2018

In August, shop great deals on Verizon Fios bundles, get discounted pricing on eligible Google and Nest smart home devices…

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Why phone numbers are 7 digits and other fun phone facts

While few phone numbers flow as well as Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny” song, there is a science behind the way we…

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