Old Wine in a New Bottle: Inspiration To Transform Old Furniture Into New

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Nov 14, 2013

Moving to a new home is always a daunting task. There’s the very aspect of “moving’ and there’s a need for making that move worthwhile. While you’d have half a mind on the practical nuances of moving, packing, and settling into your new home, there’s the other aspect of bringing in the old furniture, clothing, items you’ve amassed over time, and a host of other things that have a place at your home.

There’s stress, overwhelm, and a need for organization. You’d have to manage time, there’s clutter that needs to go out of the window. You’d have to sort, separate, keep, discard, and maybe even dump an entire set of items you don’t see fit.

Furniture, however, was expensive when you first purchased it. You’d not want to dispose it off. Why bother with disposing furniture when you can turn old into new? How about transforming your old furniture that would even give any piece of new furniture a run for the money?

It’s possible and here’s how to do it:

Work slowly. There are no deadlines

Chances are that you’ve already moved into your new home. Yet, there’s no need to hurry. If the furniture is already in place, you can take your time to think about rearranging your furniture, pruning away on old pieces of furniture, engage yourself with a DIY session, or to work on a mega-transformation project. Take your time to gather ideas from your friends and family.

You never know how ideas pop up. Rushing into the grip of transformation fever could turn out to be disastrous. Think about how to plug empty spaces with unused furniture. Visualize how your old furniture could be used in new ways, as is (without making any changes).

Old might be good, as is

Not all pieces of furniture need to be remolded. You’d not need to get into a laborious process of furniture makeover just because you own old, traditional pieces of furniture, for instance.

It’s all about matching the look of your new home with your old furniture. It’s about your choice and your sense of taste. If a piece of furniture looks good where you leave it in your new home, it’s good enough. If need be, you could paint the woodwork, drop ceilings, add false ceilings, and stick up wallpapers around the furniture after it’s all put in place. Sometimes, original pieces of furniture are best the way they are. Not everything needs the transformation, you see?

Colors, Placement, and Planning

We live by our senses. With respect to home décor and furniture, others make impressions on what they see. When people see, there’s a lot to do with overall schematics, aesthetics, layout, placement, and colors. You can absolutely do anything with your old furniture but make sure to work on aesthetics, colors, and placement. If you are going to paint a piece of old furniture, visualize the furniture piece with the color itself and then about how it looks in place with respect to its immediate surroundings – those include the walls, placement relative to other objects, the type and color of your flooring, and so much more.

Plan your transformation with care. Look for holes you’ll need to plug. Creativity starts at home, doesn’t it?

Get clever. Find new ways for the old

As you move into your new home, it’s time to get innovative. It’s often the best time to think creatively and give it your best shot since you are already in the process of moving and your mind is focused to get this right. Your home – including furniture – can get a new lease of life just by the way you arrange things.

For instance, Farima Alavi of HGTV has plenty of ideas for clever uses of old furniture and other stuff lying about as you move in. Hang old mattresses on bare walls to act as a message board or central family collage of sorts. Go stick family portraits, notes, calendars, and even hang a mirror or hangers.

Farima suggests more ideas: stepladders can go on walls as cottage-style display shelves, paint bright colors (to match or contrast with the color of your walls) on your old dresser. Bring old sawhorses to work as legs for your tables. Old cabinet doors (paint it if you have to) can act as decors for mantel.

Old tins turn into vases or stylish, funky storage containers. Hoosier cupboards turn into modern-day work desks. Damaged dressers can be turned into chic items of furniture with just stickers or music sheets or any kind of decoupage, as Marian Parsons suggests.

You get the idea. Turn anything old into new just by using a bit of workmanship and creativity.

Get inspired from Social Media

Social media can be used for anything – from business to mindless chatter; from inspiration to grabbing ideas; from brainstorming to catching up with trends. Getting ideas for turning your old furniture into new or to find new ideas for using your furniture doesn’t have to be too difficult if you can use social media to your benefit.


Pinterest, for instance, has a limitless supply of ideas you can use. Check out the following Pinterest boards for some inspiration:



Use Twitter to post a live request as a tweet to ask for ideas on furniture Makeover. People pitch in with their ideas and you may collect them separately or create a list on Twitter titled “Collected Ideas and Inspiration”. It’s best to do this a little before the time when you actually move or just before you decide to overhaul your furniture so that you are ready to get work based on ideas you might choose for execution. Alternatively, you may also search on Twitter with hash tags such as the following:

or #furnitureDIY


It’s the biggest people gathering on the planet. It’s also one of the best places to do a search for ideas and inspiration. Google can get a bit commercial showing you results of furniture stores and interior decorators. That incidence is a little less on Facebook. However, you might just get the ideas you are looking for.

Use search strings on Facebook such as the following:


Pick nuggets of gold from the web

The Internet is a treasure trove. But just as you’d have to hunt for treasure, you’d have to look hard for nuggets of ideas on furniture makeover, DIY projects, and plenty of ideas on how to transform your old furniture to give your new home a ravishing new look.

How Stuff Works has a video titled G Word: Old Furniture into New that might just edge into a fun, DIY project on your old furniture.

Howtonestforless.com has about 15 fabulous DIY makeovers that could just give you the creative inspiration you need.

Are you the kinds who’d love to see before and after scenarios? Maybe you should take a peek at Apartment Therapy’s Furniture Makeovers: 10 Before & After Projects. Desiree Campbell of 36th Avenue has a huge list of 60 DIY Furniture Makeovers that could make your head swim with inspiration.

The Internet is full of gold, as we see it.

It’s exciting to move into a new home. Loaded with self-allocated furniture transformation work, it gets even better. What you are going to do with your furniture after moving in determines how happy you are going to be, sets the mood at home, takes care of your interior décor, and makes your home a much better place to live in.

How do you plan to transform your old furniture into new? What gives? Where do you source your inspiration from?

Author Bio: Govi Reddy is the founder of the Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc.. We deliver high quality granite countertop fabrication and installation to contractors, home owners and builders. We have modern stone fabrication facilities at our office in St. Loiuse.

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