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Google Chrome’s Easter Egg: A no-internet game

Robin Layton

May 20, 2021 — 2 min read

You don't need to wait until your internet goes out to play!

This isn’t your parent’s Easter egg hunt

Easter eggs aren’t just those colorful candy-filled delights we hunt once a year. But, in video games and films, Easter eggs can be hidden delights themselves, like legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock appearing somewhere in every one of his movies. In video games, Easter eggs can unveil extra levels or cool character items. 

Not wanting to be left out of all the fun, Google’s Easter egg features a retro-style hopping T-Rex. In this no-internet game, if he lands on a cactus, it’s game over. 

Originally a surprise screen when you lost your internet connection and got the “No Internet” connection page error in Google’s Chrome browser, you could play it offline while you waited for the internet to return.

How to access the game

Now, you don’t need to be disconnected from your internet connection to help your T-Rex survive the desert in this Google Easter egg. If you don’t want to wait until the next time you lose your internet service, simply type chrome://dino, hit the spacebar and start hopping by using the spacebar or the up/down arrow keys. 

Why you may not have internet and how to fix it

Losing your internet connection while streaming or browsing is enough to make anyone hopping mad. There are several reasons why you may periodically lose internet service, including an equipment issue, your internet service provider (ISP) has an outage or your Wi-Fi signal gets compromised.

There are steps to take to figure out the root cause of your internet loss. When the internet goes out, always check your modem/router or gateway device first. Sometimes, the quick fix of rebooting your equipment can have you back to binging Netflix in no time.

Need better internet?

Unfortunately, sometimes there isn’t an easy or quick fix, especially if your ISP has a weather-related or service outage. If these are frequent, you may want to consider switching providers

If your internet connection seems slow or glitchy, you may need to upgrade your internet plan to accommodate your favorite activities like streaming or gaming, which take a lot of bandwidth to do seamlessly. 

Robin Layton

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Robin Layton

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