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Could New Doors & Windows Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

BY Allconnect | Thu May 12, 2016
Could New Doors & Windows Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

Having a more energy efficient home is one of the most important aims of many families these days. Apart from helping the planet, this is also a way of cutting down on energy bills and of creating a warm and welcoming home.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to make your house more energy efficient without any hassle? So how could getting new doors and windows fitted help you in this respect?

Don’t Lose Warm Air Through Gaps

If you need to put on the heating on a cold day then the last thing you want is for the warm air to just drift straight out through cracks and gaps. If you have old doors or windows then a huge amount of the air that you heat up could just escape to the outside within minutes.

By getting new doors and windows fitted professionally you can ensure that the air you heat up stays around to warm you and your family. It might not sound like a big deal but even a small gap or crack can make a big difference to the warmth that gets trapped in your house.

If you live in a house that never seems to heat up then it is well worth checking out these parts of it and seeing if there are any flaws that needs to be fixed.

Add Double or Triple Glazing

Double glazing and triple glazing have been around for a long time now, but there are still many houses around the world that rely on single panes of glass to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. A single pane of glass can allow 10 times more heat to escape than a wall would.

In warm climates, double glazing can help in the opposite way by allowing col air to stay in. This means that the air-conditioning unit doesn’t have to work anywhere near as hard to provide a fresh and liveable environment.

The addition of double glazing to a house can make a big difference to your energy bills over the course of a year.

 Start a Greener Life

Modern double glazed windows are also tougher for criminals to break, keeping your home safer while you are away. However, if we stick to the subject of energy efficiency, we can see that adding new windows or doors could be the start of a whole new environmentally friendly way of life for you.

Once you see the benefits that new doors and windows from a company like Hugo Carter bring to your family and your bank account you will realise that going green can be a very smart move. If you haven’t yet added other environmentally friendly aspects to your house then this could be the impulse you need to get started.

By carrying on with other simple but effective changes like this you can have a far more environmentally friendly place to live over time. Even if you have just started with a few new windows or a new door, you could eventually have an environmentally friendly property to be proud of.

Getting new doors and windows fitted to your home is an easy thing to do that could have a big positive effect on your life and on the way you look at the environment from now on.

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