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BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Feb 21, 2015

Exotic Cushions for new homeGuest post by Bill Brown.

Cushions provide an instant flavor to certain rooms or other areas of the house. What’s even better is that you do not need to change the cushion with the season. Every time you wish to redecorate your new house, all you need is to change the cushion covers and everything else is magic.

This article will tell you everything you will need to consider when buying cushion covers.


The fabric of the cushion cover is one of the most important factors that determine the look your cushion will give your room. In addition, it greatly affects the price. Cushion covers made of silk, velvet, leather, and chenille give a luxurious and elegant look. Inevitably, they make the most expensive cushion covers. On the other hand, cotton and polyester are less expensive yet last longer and are more durable. This makes them perfect for daily use while keeping your room looking elegant yet simple.

Area of Usage

The place where you will be placing your cushions makes great difference, especially for outdoors. Indoor cushions are exclusive to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and all the other rooms you can find inside a house. Outdoor cushions are for furniture in the swimming pool area, and others. Outdoor cushions must be waterproof to protect the cushion from any damages.


Cushion cover designs come in a wide variety of forms. There are embroidered, handmade ones, and printed covers. Embroidered and handmade covers can be very expensive as they are most often made with silk and taffeta. If you prefer to go with the more affordable designs, you can go with printed covers. Do not be misled by the price of the covers. The more affordable ones don’t necessarily look less beautiful. They can pull off an elegant yet simple feel.

Zipper vs. Envelope

There are cushion covers that are enclosed using zippers or using the envelope style. If you prefer zippers, make sure that they are hidden from plain eyesight. Also, make sure to check if the zippers are of good quality. Otherwise, you will have a hard time maintaining and cleaning the covers.

On the other hand, if you prefer the envelope type covers, you don’t really need to worry about anything much because they are more convenient. You can avoid snapping zippers and what not. Just keep in mind that this type is best for floor and scatter cushions.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cushion covers come with cleaning restriction tags. If the tag says ‘W’, it means that the cover is washable with water. On the other hand, if it says ‘S’, the cushion cover requires dry cleaning. If the tag has both ‘S’ and ‘W’, then you can use the two different cleaning methods. Most of the time, fabrics like silk, velvet, suede, and leather require dry cleaning. Otherwise, the fabric will get damaged. There are also designs like beadings that require the same method.

Get the Size Right

Just as no dress too large or too small flatters anyone, cushion covers that are not fit make the cushion look messy, thus, defeating its purpose. So, before actually buying one, make sure to get the right size of your cushion.

Cushion covers can instantly change the look of your room without much effort. On the other hand, you need to look at many factors like the price, cleaning, and maintenance when choosing, so, it really takes quite some effort and time to get the perfect covers. Fortunately, looking for the perfect cover has become an easier task with shopping for cushions online. Just take note of the tips mentioned and refine your search. Surely, you will enjoy shopping cushion covers and decorating your home with them.

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