Allconnect Scam Alert: Movers and new homeowners should keep their eyes peeled for potential fraud

BY Allconnect | Tue Mar 31, 2015
Allconnect Scam Alert: Movers and new homeowners should keep their eyes peeled for potential fraud

Movers and new homeowners have to deal with a long list of expenses and logistics challenges before settling into their new abodes. These costs ramp up unnecessarily when families fall prey to the dozens of scams targeted at households in transition. That’s why Allconnect recommends that you and your family keep your eyes open for red flags that hint at the possibility of a fraud. When working with the consumer experts at Allconnect, scams are less likely because the company can put you directly in touch with utility services and service providers in your area. Making use of available professional resources and your own common sense can keep your family safe from foul play.

“Use common sense and professional resources to avoid scam artists.”

Moving scams could put your personal belongings in danger
There are a number of quick steps that you can take in order to evaluate the the legitimacy of a possible mover. Bankrate warned against trusting movers that require customers to pay up-front, quote a too-good-to-be-true price and seem dodgy about getting their promises down in writing.

Scam artists have wizened up and realized that it doesn’t take much time or money to create a dummy website. That’s why HGTV recommended that you spend a few minutes analyzing a mover’s homepage. A missing operator’s license, lack of legitimate references and no street address are all clues that your family may want to trust a different mover with your belongings.

Scan a mover’s Better Business Bureau listing and other consumer review resources for more insights into which companies seem like a bad investment. Remember that you can never be too skeptical. Read between the lines of consumer feedback to ascertain the mover’s  level of competency.  When analyzing these reviews, give preference to the most consistently repeated feedback.

Utility scams might put your personal information at risk
Moving scams aren’t the only danger that your family will have to look out for when making a move. Today explained that homeowners need to stay wary of fraudulent calls from scam artists posing as your local utilities. Typically these calls involve threats of discontinued service and then demand of a large cash sum. Scam artists are prone to targeting homes with “For Sale” signs or families new to the neighborhood in hopes of spooking them into a payment before the homeowner has a chance to gain their bearings.

Ease in avoiding scams like these is one of the benefits of working with a service like Allconnect. The company has plenty of expertise when it comes to finding the most cost-effective local utility services. Trusting a service like Allconnect to avoid scams will help you feel confident that your choice in utilities after a move.

Act immediately if you suspect your service provider or mover is a scam artists.Act immediately if you suspect your service provider or mover is a scam artist.

Service provider scams gouge customers without delivering
Electricity and natural gas aren’t the only preferred targets for scam artists. Data collected by the National Consumer League indicated that families must avoid fraudulent Internet service providers as well. Unsolicited emails promising huge discounts or special move-in rates are just as likely to be a front than a legitimate email from a local provider. Be especially cautious when asked to provide personal information upfront, especially online. This is another scenario where relying on the expertise of a consumer resource like Allconnect will help reduce your family’s chance of being scammed.

Con artists rely on the ignorance and passivity of their victims when planning to take advantage of a family. Taking steps to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of is the most effective strategy in your tool belt when it comes to keeping your family safe and minimizing your costs. Don’t let the hectic pace of moving into a new home make your family vulnerable to moving and service scams.

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