More security tips for movers

BY Allconnect | Thu Feb 12, 2015
More security tips for movers

Scammers and thieves know to target homeowners made vulnerable during the moving process. While the process of moving your life from one spot to the other requires draining physical labor and exhausting logistics, you can keep your make your belongings and new home more secure during the transition by taking a few simple precautions. Focusing on security during, before and after your move will also help keep you alert for signs of suspicious activity. Playing it safe now can translate into a long-term security investment as well.

"Don't let attention to detail become a security liability."

Consider installing a new security system
Your move is an apt occasion for deciding if you're getting the most for your security buck. After all, a simple motion sensors and entry alarm set-up can only provide you with limited means of protecting your home – modern homes utilize automation, live-streaming video and 24 hour monitoring to keep your household safe. If you are satisfied with your home security system, then you can likely have the service moved to your new home with the payment of small installment fee. Otherwise, consider getting in touch with the home security providers near your new home in order to compare plans and prices. 

Label your belongings carefully
Staying organized during your move is important, but don't let attention to details turn into a security liability. Labeling boxes serves as a case in point – marking boxes with labels like "FRAGILE" can attract potential thieves to your belongings. It would only take a well-prepared criminal a few seconds to lift a stack of boxes labeled "VALUABLES" from the front of your loan. Alternatively, using abbreviations would serve the same purpose without directing individuals with nasty intentions toward your most expensive belongings.

Avoid peak moving season
The Arizona Republic pointed out that homeowners are most vulnerable to moving scams and thefts during the summer. This is a peak season for movers and the deluge of customers brings shady companies and would-be hijackers out of the woodwork. Even reputable companies will charge clients a premium to handle the massive demand for movers during the summer months. Thankfully, you can schedule your move anytime during the year. By planning ahead and making your move during the off-season, you can eliminate risks and save some cash.

A haphazard move means more chances for criminals.A haphazard move means more chances for criminals.

Do your research prior to the move
Volumes of statistics are available online thanks to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, making it easy for you and your family to do a little research about the types of crime that occur in your new neighborhood. This insight can help you make more informed decisions about how to secure your home and which type of security system would offer the best return on your investment. For instance, if there is an unusually high rate of break-ins in your new neighborhood, you may want to choose a service that lets you lock your doors remotely. A smartly executed security system may be the difference between a foiled robbery and an empty living room.

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