Modern furniture — Add contemporary & stylish look to the ambiance of your house

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Jan 10, 2015

Modern Furniture -- Add Contemporary & Stylish Look If you are in the midst of a remodeling your house from traditional to modern style or moving into a new house, you can add a contemporary and stylish look to the ambiance of your home. Have a look at the below tips about giving a contemporary feel to your home environment using modern furniture.

Initially, it’s necessary to understand the terms “contemporary” and “modern” used over and over again to describe architecture and furniture style and design. Often people consider these terms interchangeable; however they differ in characteristics.

What is Contemporary Style?

The term contemporary, when describing architecture, furniture and style, represents the home decorating ideas about what is being created and produced now. Basically, it’s constantly changing (i.e. dynamic) and due to its diverse range, the contemporary style and designs are not bound to a specific style.

What is Modern Style?

The term modern, when describing furniture and style, portrays an architecture and design that is era-specific and tied down to a specific decorating style. It is referred to as the furniture designs from nineteenth century to the present. Modern furniture furnishes your home with a machine aesthetic, giving it a machine-like simplicity, a smooth surface, and freeing lots of space in your room.

Combining the modern style with contemporary will save time, money, material, and labor charges. So, how do you do it?

Tips to give a contemporary look to the ambiance of your house using the modern furniture:

  1. For contemporary design, the architecture combines different styles and shapes with solid walls featuring corner windows in glass, where walls appear in the middle and the window as a corner. Additionally, the flat roofs will give it the modern architecture look.
  2. Keep the interior clean, fresh and spacious with maximum two to three colors added. Attach kitchen, dining and living room for an open, spacious, and airy effect.
  3. Use unique raised and open furniture, hence giving the space a feeling of breeziness.
  4. Find the contemporary looking modern furniture which makes you feel comfortable, with clean lines, simple shapes, yet beautiful design. Such furniture will go perfectly with the modern style interiors.
  5. Use clean-lined furniture (sofas) with a matching chaotic rug pattern for an interesting and flexible furniture mix and contemporary look.
  6. Natural materials such as wood and stone enhance a contemporary house and make them eco-friendly, however, utilizing steel, glass and plastics will create a unique feeling of lightness and visual space.
  7. Look for midcentury, modern style furniture made of wood to add a contemporary look to the ambiance of your house.
  8. For a stylish and contemporary look, focus more on comforts. Choose stylish arm chairs that will make you feel comfortable and rich.
  9. Often people say that in a contemporary style home, you can’t have rugs. However, it’s just a matter of selecting the one that is perfect for your floor. For a contemporary style, try out soft rugs with geometric design or a textural weave for covering the floor.
  10. A sculptural styled modern end table could be a striking addition to a living room.
  11. A modern TV console with bookcase made of eco-friendly compressed wood could bring the contemporary look you wish to have in your living room. It will offer stylish and elevating effects to your traditional style home.


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