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Military and veteran cellphone discounts for 2020


Aug 8, 2020 — 4 min read

Find the best cellphone deals and discounts for veterans and active members of the U.S. military, from major providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

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When selecting the best military phone plans, it’s important to research all of the available options prior to making a purchasing decision. So, we’re going to take the guesswork out of finding the best military cellphone discounts for you! Discover what military phone plans are available in 2020.

AT&T active military and veteran discounts

AT&T provides active military with exclusive savings on their cellphone plans. You simply need a “.mil” email address to qualify. Additionally, AT&T provides veteran cellphone discounts. In order to qualify for a veteran cellphone plan, you must present a valid form of ID. AT&T’s offers include the following:

When active military and veterans sign up for AT&T’s discounted cellphone plans, they can also receive four Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphones free of charge. In addition to special pricing for active military and veterans, AT&T is also offering exclusive discounts to FirstNet and first responders in response to COVID-19. First responders can receive 50% off their service for six months. Additionally, public safety agencies can now get free smartphones for life through AT&T.

T-Mobile active military and veteran discounts

T-Mobile also provides special pricing for active military, veterans and their families. When you sign up for service with T-Mobile’s Magenta Military plan, you will receive 50% off when signing up for a family line. The following outlines the current military cellphone discounts from T-Mobile:

In addition to all that’s included with each plan, T-Mobile provides active military and veterans with their choice of Netflix or Quibi, free of charge. New customers will also receive free smartphones with no trade-in necessary.

Verizon active military and veteran discounts

While Verizon does offer active military and veteran cellphone discounts, the plans available are more expensive than those of their competitors. However, while Verizon’s plans are more expensive, you also receive more freebies and special offers by signing up for service through them. The following outlines the active military and veteran discounts available through Verizon:

To sign up for service through Verizon and receive the best military phone plans, customers will need to register online using the MilVetID verification system.

Sprint active military and veteran discounts

Sprint provides just one option for military cellphone discounts. Those seeking an active duty military cellphone discount through Sprint will need to sign up for their Unlimited Premium service. Customers will receive 50% off for a total of $40 per line, with a minimum requirement of at least two lines to qualify. The Unlimited Premium plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, as well as the following features:

  • Full HD streaming
  • 100 GB LTE mobile hotspot
  • Amazon Prime
  • TIDAL HiFi
  • Unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico

Users can check their eligibility and availability by visiting the Sprint website or by visiting one of their store locations.

U.S. Cellular active military and veteran discounts

Rather than offering special plans and packages to active military and veterans, U.S. Cellular applies a 15% discount for service members. To qualify, you must be either active military or have veteran status from the following branches:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy
  • National Guard
  • Reserves

If a customer suspends their account due to deployment, U.S. Cellular will reinstate the 15% discount upon their return. In order to receive the discount, customers must call 888.944.9400 to confirm their active military or veteran status.

Cricket Wireless active military and veteran discounts

Cricket Wireless does not currently offer special pricing to active military or veterans. However, for those currently serving in the U.S. military, Cricket Wireless offers a special program that allows users to keep their service line open so they can easily reactivate their cell service upon their return. Here’s how it works:

  • When called into active duty, Cricket Wireless will hold a customer’s phone number for up to 36 months.
  • Once back home, customers have up to 90 days to re-subscribe to their cellphone service.
  • After 39 months, the phone number will be deactivated and recycled.
  • In order to sign up for the active military plan, customers will need to contact Cricket Wireless customer service.

Boost Mobile active military and veteran discounts

Boost Mobile also does not currently provide any active duty military or veteran discounts for cellphone service. However, active duty military members that have been deployed may sign up for the Deployed Military Program.

As part of this program, members will be able to keep their accounts and phone numbers while deployed overseas. They will not incur any service charges, nor will a reactivation fee be applied when they are able to restore their account. Members may enroll in the Deployed Military Program for up to 990 days; however, account holders can extend their time in the program if they are nearing the end of the 990-day period and are still serving overseas. Customers must call Boost Mobile Customer Care at 866.402.7366 in order to sign up.

The bottom line on military phone plans

Active military and veterans deserve the best, which is why it’s important for them to have access to affordable cellphone plans. By researching the best military phone plans currently available, service members and their families can make financially savvy decisions and receive special rewards as a thank you for their service to our country.  

By Carly Severino