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Measuring the fastest internet speeds in the country

BY Allconnect | Wed Sep 03, 2014

A speedy internet connection will allow users to enjoy all the internet has to offer. However, not all internet connections are created equal. In fact, your location has a very large influence on the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. Reviewing the spectrum of internet speeds offers consumers insight about the relative quality of their local service.

Speed in the Northeast

Akamai Technologies reports that the majority of the nation’s fastest internet connections can be found in New England. The ten states with the highest average connection speeds include Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts, D.C., New Hampshire and Rhode Island. New York and New Jersey ranked in the top ten of states with the highest peak Internet speeds. Other states that boasted high Internet speeds outside of the North East include Washington, Utah and Michigan.

The infrastructure supporting the speediest Internet connections varies greatly across the country. Limited access to high-end fiber optics and gigabit connections, for example, have helped to boost speeds for customers in select cities. Population density may also impact Internet speeds as connections slow down when bandwidth is taxed by high traffic, says Chron. Many cable and internet providers offer boosted internet service. Consider upgrading or bundling a new internet service if your connection is too slow to stream your favorite films and TV shows.

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