Managing A Moving Sale [Infographic]

BY contributor | Wed Dec 04, 2013

Moving from one house to another is rarely easy. But one thing that you can do to make things a little simplier is often a very important aspect of moving – getting rid of the extra stuff you do not wish to carry with you during your move. Regardless of what you call it; ‘Moving sale’, ‘Garage sale’ or even a ‘Yard sale’, is one of the best ways to remove the things you no longer need while generating cash at the same time. Sounds good to us!

The infographic below gives tips to effectively organize and manage a moving sale. Tips inlcude:

  • Planning: Planning regarding the best time to hold the sale, the laws, insurance, change amount and help required
  • Preparing for the Sale: Tips to prepare the to- be sold items to generate maximum cash from the sale
  • The Day of the Moving Sale : The best ways to categorize and display items to ensure maximum sale

Managing a moving sale
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