Making a Feature of Your Bed

BY contributor | Mon Jul 29, 2013

Making a Feature of Your BedWhether you just moved into a new house or have been in the same home for years, the bedroom is the place where many people seek sanctuary from the stresses and strains of everyday living. That is why you should make your bedroom the focal point of your own personal sanctuary and by dressing your bed to impress, you can turn your bed into a feature within your bedroom.

Adding A Touch Of Luxury

In order to achieve that professional look that you would expect to find in high class hotels, you may want to buy a mattress pad. These are handy because they not only stretch and keep flat, but they will also provide an extra layer of cushioned comfort. They retail at around the $55 dollar mark, and they come in either polyester of down fillings.

When buying a mattress pad it is best to stick to neutral colors such as ivory, white or beige, however, if you are looking for a richer more vibrant color in your bedroom, then you should opt for rich colors instead. Soft cotton sheets in light colors will encourage a good nights sleep and in order to maintain your sheets you should endeavor to wash them once a week, on a delicate wash, and wash them separately from other items of laundry.

Mattress pads are a great way of keeping the bed warm and cosy in the winter months too, so you need not crank the heating up too far.

Choosing Your Colors

Buying a duvet cover that has plain colors and is double sided is a great way in which to add a bit of versatility to your bedroom. With a double sided duvet cover in plain colors, you can mix things up a bit and you will save money as you will not have to buy an extra duvet cover. Add a good quality throw in to the mix, and you can add a bit of texture, warmth and stylish pattern to the display.

When the time comes to select your pillows, make sure that you opt for luxurious pillows from Europe. Make sure you have two layers of down filled pillows, and one layer should be a plain solid color, whilst the other layer should have an understated pattern or print. When you layer different styles and patterns together, such as shapes, stripes and floral patterns, you are making you bed look more interesting.

Adding Additional Pillows

Another way in which you can add some style to your bed is to make use of bolster pillows. Bolster pillows have been around for a long time, centuries in fact, and they are gaining in popularity once again. A bolster pillow is a firm tubular pillow that lays on width wise on the bed, and as well as looking smart, they are also practical, this is because they can help to support the neck and back of the user. For double beds, a bolster pillow can either be one long continuous pillow, or it can consist of two separate smaller pillows. When selecting a bolster pillow, try and make sure that their color does not match with other pillows you are using so that you can create contrast, although you will still need to make sure that the bolster pillow fits in with the rest of your décor. A good way to create complimentary colors is to dye the cushions and pillows yourself.

Once you have the pillows and bolster’s the way you like them, to add one last stylish finishing touch, put a throw blanket on top of your bed. Throw blankets are great as they add an extra layer of warmth in the winter and can replace your duvet on hot and sultry summer nights. Plus they will add an elegant finish to your bed decoration theme. If you have a duvet in a solid color then you can add a patterned throw blanket to add that little bit of style to your bed.

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