Make Your Home Sale Ready by Storing Items In Short and Long Term Storage Solutions

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Oct 03, 2013

Make Your Home Sale Ready by Storing Items In Short and Long Term Storage SolutionsBefore you display the “For Sale” sign outside your home, it is essential to make your house ready for the sale. The key is to emphasize the strengths and downplay the weaknesses of your house so that it can appeal to prospective buyers. The first rule is to get rid of the clutter. There might be several items at your place that you don’t want to sell due to one reason or another; instead, you would want to store them in the storage unit. This way you can access the items when you are settled in your new home.

Short term or long term – What should be the ‘storage’ duration?

For the sake of preparing your home for the market, don’t just whisk away half of the furnishings for the selling purpose, so that the house appears bigger. Instead of whittling it down drastically, devote some time in deciding whether they should be stored on a short term or long term basis.

Temporary or long term storage units are an excellent way to secure your belongings without spending a lot of much money, and also you can create more space for the movement. This way the room will appear bigger which will help when potential buyers are viewing the location. Long term units should be the best choice when you don’t want to do away with certain items, but would like to retain them for a longer duration.

Storing for Short term purpose

Instead of pushing chairs and sofas against the walls to make your room appear bigger to the buyer, store them in a short-term storage unit.  This way you will be able to easily retrieve all your belongings when you shift to your new home.

Since you are in the middle of the process of home selling, therefore allow yourself to shift all the wall décor items such as artwork, accessories and posters in the short term storage unit. Taking them off the wall will let the buyers inspect the walls properly. Besides, they will also want to have an idea whether or not the walls can bear the harsh climatic conditions.

Storing for Long term purpose

Long term storage can best help you in storing all the seasonal items that have cluttered your home. You can spruce up your house by storing your lawn furniture, bicycles, summer draperies, clothes, boats and other summer stuff in a long term storage unit.

You can lighten your shifting stress by storing all your items which you don’t want to throw away, but would like to keep, such as old picture albums, gifts from grandparents, books etc.

Packing and Storing Suggestions

After you have zeroed in on the duration of the storage, it is essential to pack all the items so that they are stored in a proper manner.

  • All the fragile items should be packed and sealed properly.
  • You should also label all the items so that they can be retrieved with ease.
  • Stack all the items properly. Disorganization in the unit can lead to shortage of space.


There is no shortage of companies that are involved in the business of offering storage units for rent. You can easily find top quality storage facility in Tacoma, Milton, New York, Chicago, Seattle and in many other cities. These facilities are excellent at helping the people solve the issue of shortage of space.


Robert Clive is an author and an active contributor specializing in business consultancy and self storage services. Since many years, He has been helping people to find and rent short and long term self storage units in Puyallup, Tacoma, Milton and the surrounding areas of WA.

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