Make saving electricity your New Year’s resolution

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Dec 14, 2015
Make saving electricity your New Year’s resolution

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. In fact, giving yourself some extra time to plan and pump yourself up mentally for the adjustments you’ll need to make to turn a resolution into reality may put you in a better position to succeed. One 2016 plan for improvement that would benefit from a bit of December preparation is household electricity usage. A few new habits could go a long way toward making a noticeable, positive impact on your power bill.

Even houses set to go up for sale soon can benefit from smarter electricity use. Lowering the cost of electricity in the home and a few months of subsequently lower electricity bills could be used to bump up the home’s value in the eyes of potential homebuyers. The following strategies can be utilized by homeowners interested in lowering electricity consumption for the rest of 2015 and going into next year.

“Shrinking electricity bills could be used to attract potential homebuyers next year.”

Scrutinize your holiday lighting strategy
When it comes to energy consumption, nothing sticks out with regards to holiday electricity waste like an overabundance of decorative lights. While getting the home decked out for the end-of-the-year celebrations is an annual tradition, it’s also one of the biggest sources of holiday energy waste. Most decorations stay up through New Year’s Day, so it makes sense to consider the impact of these lights on this and next year’s energy bills.

The Center for Disease Control noted that homeowners can save money by usingĀ LED lights in lieu of fluorescent bulbs. Likewise, more families have flocked to investĀ in synthetic fiber optic filament trees, both for the presentation and the price, according to The Huffington Post. In addition to spicing up your home exterior with futuristic lighting, these LED upgrades are considerably more energy efficient than traditional string lights. They are also more weather-resistant, ensuring that your home is safe from shorts and other electricity-related safety risks.

Put perimeter and indoor lights on timers
Another way to reduce the electricity consumption caused by decorative lighting is to automate these fixtures to turn on and off on their own. Homeowners can achieve this standard of household performance in multiple ways, the simplest of which would be to purchase a wireless adapter for an electrical socket and programming the device to deliver power based on a daily routine. Those willing to go above and beyond to reduce electricity consumption should think about automating their entire home. By fully automating the home, holiday lights can be programmed to turn on in response to the activation and deactivation of other electronics in the home.

Turn generosity into efficiency
Integrating energy savings into the holiday season is actually an easier project than homeowners might realize, as long as these families are willing to do some thinking outside the box. For instance, families can combine gift-giving with utility bill management by purchasing one another Energy Star-rated appliances. According to the Department of Energy, these washers, dryers and refrigerators can help out homeowners by drawing considerably less energy during performance than previous generation models. New, top-of-the-line appliances are more likely to support wireless automation, which makes it easier to run wireless appliances when peak demand is low and energy rates are cheaper.

The key is to isolate and adjust these strategies once New Year’s Day is just around the corner. A year’s worth of savings on electricity will help homeowners to prepare their finances for the 2016 holiday season. Starting this process early will help to maximize these savings.

Keep an extra eye on seasonal electronics use
During the holiday season, family fun and the holiday spirit sometimes override impulses to save money and electricity. Leaving a tree plugged in for days may help to accentuate the yuletide cheer, for instance, but won’t do homeowners any favors with regard to their electric bill. It’s not a crime to indulge a bit with regard to energy use, especially if homeowners are looking for ways to offset this waste during and following the holiday season.

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