Life-Changing Ideas: Is Artificial Turf Better Than Natural Grass?

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Jun 30, 2016
Life-Changing Ideas: Is Artificial Turf Better Than Natural Grass?

When you purchased your first home in the suburbs, you could probably imagine having a nice large yard, with beautiful, luscious green turf that would be beautiful for any weather conditions. You probably have great memories playing outside with your mates, playing football on your lawn and hitting the soft green turf without any issue. It’s crazy to see how natural lawn has become less popular than artificial grass.

What happened? The drought happened. All over the world, drought conditions have plagued and with strict water restrictions in place, it has become increasingly more expensive to have natural lawn. The implementation of artificial grass has proven to create a great substitute for natural lawn, and is becoming less expensive to maintain over time. This isn’t even the only reason why artificial lawn is a better choice than natural lawn, and a great life-changing choice for your home.

Saving Money

A major factor for most families converting from natural lawn to artificial lawn is the cost of lawn maintenance. The natural lawn does need to be maintained regularly with continuous mowing and fertilizing, which can be incredibly expensive over time. With gas needed for your lawn mower, and bags of fertilizer needed for a large lawn space, it can be in upwards of $100 dollars a month just to maintain your lawn.

It’s even more expensive if you don’t have time, and have a gardener’s bill to pay as well. With artificial turf, there is no need to weed and fertilize your lawn at any point. Whilst it may cost a little bit to have artificial lawn implemented into your backyard, the amount of money your saving allows for you to make it back in no time. It’s a great solid investment into your property, and can actually increase your return on investment when placing your home on the market

Saving Water

With a majority of countries being under some form of water restrictions, it becomes an incredibly difficult task to water any outdoor plants and garden beds. In some countries, stricter water restrictions have completely banned the use of water for natural lawn purposes. Implementing an artificial lawn grass doesn’t need to be irrigated into your backyard. The only time that you may want to use a hose is to clean some dog waste, but other than that, no water is needed for artificial grass.

natural grass

Low Health Risk

When you first think of putting fake grass into your backyard, there are two thoughts that are probably going to come to mind:

  1. It better not look like Astroturf?
  2. Isn’t that bad for your health?

When you think about it, that is a relatively logical way of thinking. Natural blades of grass are being swapped for soil, and soil is replaced with rubber to create an artificial lawn space. It sounds odd, and completely unnecessary, however are great for use in family backyards. They are solid safe havens, with providing a good non-slippery surface. These are also good for dogs as they won’t be tearing into it like natural lawn.

Natural lawn was great whilst the weather conditions are in it’s favor. However, with a majority of countries in drought conditions, it becomes increasing difficult to maintain natural lawns. Artificial lawns have become a great and better alternative to lawn, as it creates a great and safe area for children, and an easy manageable space for your family home.

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