Leaky Roofs Make for Unhappy Homeowners

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Nov 18, 2013

Leaky Roofs Make for Unhappy Homeowners  Roofs wear out just like other features in a home. It is important to stay on top of the condition of your roof and immediately have roof repair if there are leaks or other problems. A leaky or damaged roof can cause extensive damage to a home.

Weather can adversely impact the condition of your roof.  Hail is one of the biggest enemies of roofs. It can cause serious damage and may even necessitate getting a roof replaced altogether. Sometimes it may be difficult to know how a hail storm has impacted your roof.  Don’t hesitate to call a roofing company to assess any damage after a hail storm. Your insurance company may cover repairs and even replace the roof if the damage is bad enough. Very windy weather may tear shingles off a roof.  Years of exposure to intense sun, snow and thunderstorms also take their toll.

If you have a leaky roof it can be tricky to locate the exact source of the leak. Water can access a roof at one point and run down the interior to another place before there is visible leaking in a home. If there is apparent damage or missing shingles, it is easier to hone in on the leak. There are certain areas of a roof that may be more susceptible to leaks and need roof repair. They include ridge caps, areas around flashing, gaskets around pipes and dormer valleys.

A way to pinpoint the origin of a leak is through infrared leak detection. Using the latest thermal imaging technology leaks that the naked eye doesn’t see can be located and fixed. This can also help to identify any damage that may be hidden from view including mold and mildew. If mold grows undetected it can cause health problems for people living in the home and become increasingly more expensive to fix.

It is important to get roof repair if your roof has been damaged by severe weather or normal wear and tear. To find a roofing contractor in Ventura, visit AllClimateRoofing.com!

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