Landscaping to Reduce Heating Costs

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Sep 28, 2011

Did you know that landscaping can actually save you money when it comes to your energy costs?  Strategically planting shrubs and trees around your home not only lowers your bills, but it also adds beauty and value to your home.   Providing shade in the summer is not the only thing landscaping can do to help.  In the winter, properly planted landscaping can prevent cold drafts from billowing through your home.  Windbreaks, if properly selected and placed, can reduce your annual home heating costs by 10-20 percent. Evergreens planted to the north and northwest of your home help to block winter winds and prevent drafts that make your home feel much colder than it actually is.  For more information about how to strategically landscape your yard and save money this winter, visit Xcel Energy’s information on Landscaping for Energy Conservation. Note: You’ll have to select a state before seeing this information; however, the information for each state is the same and good advice whether you live in that particular state or not.


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