Kitchen Money Saving Tips

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Nov 19, 2013

Kitchen Money Saving TipsNow as we all know, having to spend a lot of money on wants and needs can leave a person feel quite ‘spent’, especially when it comes to spending money for the kitchen and all that the kitchen demands. Indeed, more and more people find themselves baffled as to why kitchen appliances are so darn expensive, considering that they are manufactures for pennies on the dollar. But the economy being as it is, we can only hope to prevent future spending of money to the best of our abilities. Not many people know that you can cut your kitchen bills almost in half, just by reorganizing some of your kitchen’s valuable utensils. But it is more than just that; if you want your kitchen to be truly ‘efficient’ and ‘economic’, your only recourse may be to buy a new kitchen, I am serious! Below I will explain what I mean by all this ‘money saving’ nonsense you’ve been reading about for the last 10 seconds.

Maximum Efficiency

Can you tell me why someone should one invest in a coffee maker and a cappuccino maker; when one is enough to do the same work for less money? Indeed, having a whole assortment of different kitchen appliances that do the exact same thing can sure put a lot of strain on a fellow’s pocket change (not to mention the big bills too). Nevertheless people seem satisfied by owning 5 things that can be done with neither. For example if you don’t want to invest your money on a toaster, you can just as easily brown your bread in a skillet. In fact, add some cheese slices and some ham and what you got there is the all time favorite “ham and cheese melt”, quite delicious indeed! You can use a blender and a mixer instead of buying a kitchen ‘robot’. Instead of buying expensive juicers, just get one of those plastic ones -works just as good! We are not even going to mention things like “Margarita Makers’, “Radio Pans” and “Ice Makers”. The same goes with your kitchen utensils. All you really need to cook almost anything is a regular stainless steel skillet and maybe a big pot (if you ever decide to make soup).

Save Electricity and Water

Nothing adds digits to your monthly bill than having your stove working full time! Luckily we live in an age, where there are a lot of options for a lot of different people – depending on their taste and disposable income quantities. In fact most kitchen appliances come in ‘energy classes”. What you want are appliances that are in the low (A; A+; A++; A+++) energy class. It is true that often low energy appliances are more expensive than their high energy counterparts, but in the long run you will most definitely see the befits. And if you are using an electric stove, why not trade it for a gas-fueled one? As far as water goes, if you are still doing the dishes the old-fashion way, it is time to wake up and walk into the 21st century. Dishwashers not only save you a lot of time and effort, but they are indeed quite stingy when it comes to using water.

Saving On Detergents

Cleaning the kitchen can also be quite ‘money-some’. Using homemade detergents will minimize your expenses while at the same time give you almost the exact same results as a commercially bought detergent would. Baking soda and white vinegar work just as well in almost any situation. Browse the Internet for more fantastic (and cheap) kitchen cleaning solutions.

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