Hot Tub Humming?

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Jul 30, 2013

Humming Noise in Hot Tub PumpsHave a hot tub in the home you just purchased? In most  hot tubs and spas, the hot tub pumps are one of the most vital components which might malfunction in due course of time. Hot tub pumps are essential as it helps to pump fresh water into the tubs. It also helps to maintain the flow of water through the spas. The hot tub motors may cease to turn on which can cause humming noises from the tub. Worn out bearings, frozen shafts, leaky pumps may result in whining noises which can be quite troublesome. Air leaks in the hot tubs can also result in malfunctioning of the spas.

Once the problems are identified, it is easy to replace the parts of the spas for effective and better functioning. Some spa pumps develop loudness with the passage of time as the vibration of the pump can loosen certain parts of the spas. One of the best ways to diagnose these sounds is through proper identification of the issue. This can be done by removing all the bolts and screws of the hot tubs which may have loosened in due course of time. Replace the bolts and fix the screws tightly to avoid future problems.

Some Important Features

Hot tub pumps include two important sections-mainly the wet section and the dry section. The dry section includes the electric motor and it helps to move the other parts of the pump. The dry section is the plastic part of the motor. The wet section of the pump includes the impeller through which the water moves into the pools. In good quality pumps, both the wet and dry sections are placed in perfect isolation.

Different Types of Malfunctions

Hot tub pumps may malfunction in different ways leading to various problems. The electrical motor and the capacitor may refuse to function at times which can also cause humming noises. The leaks in the seals can also cause various problems which can eventually affect the functioning process of the hot tubs.

To avoid problems with hot tub pumps, it is essential to buy good quality products which seldom break-down. There are various authentic brands of spas and hot tubs which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Pump issues are quite unavoidable even though purchases are made from authentic and reliable brands. By identifying key problems, it is easy to purchase the defective master spa pumps from online and offline stores accordingly.

Author Bio:- This guest post was contributed by Meggie, who works with Master Spa Parts. Win a free spa filter and chemicals by keeping a tab on their giveaways.

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