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Watch U-verse online and with the U-verse app

David Anders

Apr 11, 2019 — 3 min read

Here’s how to watch live and On Demand TV on your computer and on the go with AT&T U-verse.

Watch AT&T U-verse online and in the app

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Please note: As of 3/31/20, U-verse is no longer offered as a supported service by AT&T. To get information on their newest TV service, check out our insights on what you need to know about AT&T TV.

AT&T U-verse is great for watching your favorite shows, sports, movies and more at home. But what about while you’re on the go? You don’t have to miss out on live and On Demand shows when away from your TV, because U-verse gives you a few ways to watch remotely.

The easiest way to watch U-verse is on your phone or tablet with the U-verse app. If you want to watch U-verse over the internet using your computer, you can do that, too, but it’s a little more challenging. Read on to learn how to watch U-verse online and with the AT&T U-verse app.

How to watch U-verse online

How you watch U-verse online has changed in recent years. Previously, you would be able to log in on the AT&T U-verse page to stream live and On Demand TV as well as manage your DVR recordings. However, you could not — and still can’t — watch U-verse DVR recordings on your computer.

AT&T has recently removed TV streaming capabilities from their U-verse webpage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch any TV online with your U-verse subscription. Many networks, including ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox and TNT let you stream TV through their website using your AT&T U-verse login credentials.

To watch TV online with your U-verse subscription, go to the homepage for the network you want to watch, such as or Look for options like “Watch,” “Login” or “TV Provider” at the top of the screen and use your U-verse account info to log in. Once you’re logged in, you can watch live and On Demand content straight from the network. Available content will vary by network.

Admittedly, this isn’t the easiest or most practical way to watch U-verse TV online, but it is the best way to watch on your computer. For the most streamlined viewing experience, watch U-verse on your phone or tablet with the U-verse app.

How to watch U-verse on your phone or tablet

The AT&T U-verse App is available for free on Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can stream live and On Demand TV, manage your DVR and more. You still can’t watch DVR recordings, but you can get lots of live and On Demand entertainment. Here’s how to watch:

  • Download the AT&T U-verse TV app from your app store
  • Enter your U-verse login information
  • Once logged in, the home page will display featured show recommendations
  • To watch live TV, press the “Live TV” option at the top of your device
  • Scroll to find the channel or show you want to watch live and press it to start watching
  • To browse upcoming shows, select “Guide” and scroll through channels and showtimes

Keep in mind that streaming TV on your phone or tablet can use up a lot of data — fast. If your wireless carrier has a data cap, try to limit streaming to when you have a Wi-Fi connection to minimize your data usage.

If you’re an AT&T wireless and U-verse TV customer, streaming TV on the U-verse app doesn’t count against your wireless data usage.

Shopping for U-verse TV plans?

To watch U-verse on your computer or mobile device with the U-verse app, you’ll need a subscription to AT&T U-verse services. Shop available AT&T U-verse plans and other TV plans in your area.