How to use technology to make your move smoother [Infographic]

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Jul 15, 2015

The process of moving into one home and out of another is tedious and time consuming. Thankfully, there are plenty of pieces of technology available that make this chore much more convenient. Take a closer look at how mixing the latest consumer tech and your favorite smartphone apps can help lessen the expenses and effort involved in your next move.


Simplify the moving process with appropriate apps
There are plenty of logistics to consider when moving, but many of these important tasks won’t spring to mind until the day of the move. Not knowing the most efficient route from your old home to your new one, for example, will bump moving costs related to fuel. There are several map apps and gas station locators that you can download to your smartphone and use to organize your move. Likewise, a long list of real estate apps can help you simplify the process of buying and selling property.

Cut energy costs from the start with smart gear

Adjusting to a new home is one step of the moving process that receives limited mention, but one that should not be overlooked. After all, a slow start to setting up your new home leads to reduced efficiency in the long run. Small investments in technology like smart light bulbs and automated thermostats will help your home energy and money – installing this equipment as early as possible will ensure your home performs efficiently at move-in day. The sooner you start the save, the sooner you’ll be able to earn back your investment.

Boost security after move-in with automation
Putting off security improvements till after the moving process will put your home at risk unnecessarily. Automated security devices, like smart door knobs, allow you to secure your home immediately instead of waiting for a visit from your local home security provider. The latest in consumer technology makes this pro-active attitude during the moving process both possible and cost-effective.


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