How To Pack And Store: The Living Room

BY contributor | Thu Jul 18, 2013

living room storageIf you’re getting ready to move out of your house or are just putting certain items into storage, the living room might just contain the most daunting prospects. Sofas and televisions are easy enough (most of the time) but if you have antique furniture, valuable paintings, fragile ornaments, or a even a piano, there are a number of options available to you.

Storage Units

Self storage units can be found in both large and small cities and can vary greatly in price. They can be vast multi-level buildings or a simple one story structure. The way that self storage works is that you rent a unit (or more if needed) in the building. How you get your stuff to the storage unit also offers options. You might use your own car, hire a van, grab a group of friends and a truck or hire a moving company (more on that below). It obviously depends on the quantity you’re storing.

The storage facility often times will provide dollies and hand-trucks to help with the unloading. If a small portion of your living room is all you’re putting into store, if you’re only storing your sofa and television and a few other items for a short while, then self storage is great. It is relatively cheap. You can return to the unit whenever you like to take or add things to the unit. And if you don’t have time to put everything in there you can always pay someone else to do it for you later. For security, the storage facility may offer a variety of padlocks to keep your storage room locked. There’s usually closed circuit TV in and around the building for added security. The extent of CCTV will vary with each storage facility but, not in all cases will CCTV cover every corridor in the building. But, if you are putting your entire living room into storage, and that being a lot of stuff, then it may be wise to choose other storage options, especially if you’re shifting valuables or delicate items.

Moving Companies

If are storing only a few items and just for a few weeks, then it’s unlikely you will need a moving company. Where you will benefit from paying a moving company is when you are packing and storing breakable items, such as fine furniture and mirrors, or if you are storing anything valuable, such as an expensive vase or painting,  then it is advisable to find someone that specializes in packing and moving..

Most moving companies have a certain level of expertise when it comes to packing fragile items, whether it is putting small glass sculptures in a box or wrapping an antique bureau desk to protect it from scratches. While it might take you a week or more to pack up your living room to a moderate level of protection, it will only take the moving company a couple of hours to pack your belongings with maximum safety and load it into containers that are in their truck.

If you’re paying a moving company to move and or pack your items, then you might as well check to see if they have their own storage facility. Most moving companies do and their fees are can be considerably lower than a self storage facility. The men will take your packed containers back to the warehouse where they will be lifted with the help of forklift to be stored. Paying that little extra for a proper moving company will save you a huge amount of time and insure you against breakages. And if it is stored in the moving companies facilities, not only will the weekly or monthly bill be less than that of a typical self storage facility, but it will also be more secure, locked away in the warehouse in a container that is also secured with a padlock.

There are a lot of benefits for both self storage and using a moving company. One will be more cost effective than the other and that will depend on your situation. One last thought – if you are moving a piano, Grand or upright, you should use a piano moving firm, as attempting to move this yourself is incredibly dangerous, both to the piano, the walls of your home and yourself.

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