How to Make Moving Out Of Your Home Green

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Sep 23, 2013
How to Make Moving Your Home Green
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These days, we are all concerned with the state of our planet and we all want to pitch in to make it a cleaner place. This may take the form of recycling bottles and paper or cycling into work and when it comes to moving out your home, we want a green option too. Of course, we may have to spend a little extra on these green services but we want to do the best and cleanest home removals job that we can. So here are our tips on how to make moving out of your home green:

Use Recycled and Recyclable Boxes

Many storage and box providers these days will offer a great range of recycled and recyclable boxes. Cardboard is cheap and easy to find but you often can’t rely on quality when you are getting these boxes for free. Often they have been used in their current state quite a lot which makes them weak but by buying specially recycled boxes you can have the best of both worlds. Once you have finished the move, all you have to do with these boxes is to leave them outside for the garbage/recycling man to collect.

Use Plastic Boxes

Of course, one of the best ways to save on throwing goods away is to reuse them time and again. For this reason, investing in a good set of plastic boxes is a great way to go green. You and your family can get many years of use out of a good quality set of boxes which can be used for everyday storage. There are brightly colored ones which are great for kids’ rooms and there are also see-through boxes so that you never need lose anything again! Surely investing like this is a far better, and stronger, way of transporting your goods than with mountains of boxes that you will simply throw away after they have been used.

Use Recyclable Materials

Aside from moving boxes, there are a great many recyclable moving materials for customers to choose from too. As we are all concerned about the nature of our planet these days, materials companies have been quick to provide eco-friendly wrapping materials for green conscious home movers. Bubble wrap, in its standard form, is quite harmful to the environment and many people use this to wrap almost everything! Be on the look out for recyclable versions of bubble wrap and other wrapping materials to make moving that much greener. They may cost a little more than the average but you can be safe in the knowledge that you are protecting the earth.

Use a Large Removals Van

This tip may seem a little counter-intuitive but often renting a large van or truck can be a lot better for the environment. If you know how much you have to move, ask you moving company whether they have a vehicle large enough to take it all at once. In this way, you can move all of your possessions in one go rather than making several trips. Certainly, a large moving van will produce more pollution than a smaller one per mile but if you are doing several trips in a small van, the pollution is so much worse. Not only is the pollution worse but it will take far longer to get your moving job sorted. So why not save time and the environment by hiring a larger moving van?

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