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How to Keep Your Garage Safe with a Security Camera System

BY Allconnect | Mon Jan 21, 2013

The modern household garage has many uses; in fact, it is becoming increasingly rare for this area of a home to be used for the storage of cars. For many people, the humble garage is used for the storage of personal possessions and equipment that simply don’t have a natural place within the main living space of a property. Lawnmowers, old furniture and archived paperwork are just some of the items that litter garages all over the world. However, far too many people fail to protect their belongings from intruders – and many burglars rely on this apathy in order to make their living! Thankfully, there are now some state-of-the-art security systems that can act as both a deterrent and as a way of recording vital evidence of wrongdoing.

Deciding on the Most Suitable System for a Particular Garage

The needs of homeowners will vary depending on what is stored in the garage, the garage’s layout and access to power. The very best systems will record in color, and they will be capable of picking up detailed pictures in even the most dimly lit spaces. Many of the compact security systems on the market will require a fixed power supply and a cable to transmit signals to the storage device. However, householders should assess the space before making a purchase, as many garages will not have a permanent power supply. There should also be adequate storage space in which to store the wiring. It may be necessary to purchase a system that uses batteries or a nearby transformer. The latest wireless systems will also negate the need to hide messy cables. Garages spend long periods of time in complete darkness, so an infra-red security system will ensure that vivid images are captured in complete darkness. Many of these systems are also equipped with motion-sensing technology that saves the data storage space required for hours of needless recording of an empty garage.

Data Storage Options

The best security alarms now have the option of recording images in high definition, but that usually means the need for more storage space. Digital data storage now ensures that hundreds of hours of footage can be stored indefinitely. Sophisticated systems can be programmed to record only when motion has been detected inside the garage. It is also possible to program systems to automatically delete footage of a certain age – creating extra space for new footage. The type of data storage system should be chosen in line with the needs of the householder. It is also possible to purchase and attach additional disk-drives for larger storage capacities.

Real-Time Monitoring

There are now a number of home security kits on the market that give people everything they need to successfully install a surveillance system within a garage. However, far too many systems are simply left to record endless hours of footage, and they are only accessed after a crime has taken place. It is now possible to disrupt intruders before valuable items have been taken, as the leading modern security systems can be accessed remotely. They connect to the internet, and that allows the householder to view live footage from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Sophisticated systems can notify householders of current intrusions via a phone call, text message, email or mobile app. In some cases, the local police may be called automatically by monitoring centers.

Garages are often left unprotected from criminals, and that can sometimes make them easy prey. The cost of installing a security system inside a domestic garage may be significant, but it should be weighed against the cost of losing valuable or precious belongings. A quality security system may also reduce the cost of home insurance, so a potential investment in security cameras should be considered alongside the cost-savings that may span several years. A domestic garage is often an easy route into the home for a criminal, so it must be protected as vehemently as the rest of the property.

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