How To Keep Home Plumbing Repair Costs Low

How To Keep Home Plumbing Repair Costs LowThere are a lot of ways to enjoy the summer. Some people hit the beach every weekend, other people go on fun, European vacations, and still more go on wild adventure trips with nothing but a backpack and a sleeping bag. These things are all part of what makes summer one of the best times of year. But these things all cost a lot of money. So many people will go out of their way to save money on other costs, freeing up their funds for summer stage concerts, whitewater rafting, and outdoor camping gear. One place to save money is on your plumbing. Below are some tips to get you started on keeping your home plumber repair costs low.

Cost Saving Tip #1 – Don’t wait until the problem worsens. The first thing to remember is that plumbing problems only get worse – they do not fix themselves. If you notice a problem, make sure you handle it right away. As the problem worsens, it will cost more to fix. And ignoring problems entirely often ends up costing a lot of money. Fixing a leaky faucet is a lot cheaper and easier than fixing your damaged walls or floors.

Cost Saving Tip #2 – Don’t be afraid to call a plumber. Unless you have been trained by a plumber, you problem do not know a lot about plumbing.
Do not try to fix a big problem yourself. Roto-Rooter says, “Don’t complete any plumbing repairs on your own if you don’t have the skills, materials, and equipment necessary to do so successfully. This may end up costing you more money because you may end up making a small problem much worse than it was in the first place.”

Cost Saving Tip #3 – Get a referral and see if you can get a referral discount. It is always best to find a plumber through a referral, so if you do make sure you tell the professional plumber how you located him or her. Ask if there are any discounts you can take advantage of, like if you refer him or her to another customer.

Cost Saving Tip #4 – Get leaky faucets fixed immediately. Leaky faucets waste a lot of water and this ends up driving up your water bills. Do not ignore a leaky faucet. If you cannot fix it yourself, call the plumber and schedule a time when he or she can come fix it. The sooner you get your leak fixed, the sooner your bills will drop.

Cost Saving Tip #5 – Do not skimp on your plumbing products. Instead of buying the bargain basement version of your plumbing and drain cleaning products, invest in the high quality goods. Using a reliable brand of plumbing products means you only have to buy the product once to know that it will work. Buying the cheaper version will likely end up costing you more because, for example, it does not actually clear the drain, it just fixes it enough for a short time.

Cost Saving Tip #6 – Have all your plumbing problems fixed at once. Spend some time making a list of all of your plumbing issues around the house – a leaky faucet, a stopped up sink, a toilet that does not flush well. Call the plumber and have him or her fix everything in one trip. This is cheaper than having him or her make multiple trips. It can lower your total bill by as much as 25 percent.

Cost Saving Tip #7 – Learn a few basic skills. There are some plumbing skills that everyone should have, whether or not you plan to practice professionally. You should know how to unclog a toilet, for example, with a plunger. You should also know how to replace the ball cock on your toilet. According to Real Simple, “It’s a straightforward switch that will cost you about $15 at a hardware store—a lot less than the $150 you would pay for a plumber to do the same thing.”

Cost Saving Tip #8 – Use green plumbing products. Although the green version of products can cost more upfront, you should consider it an investment. Not only are these products more environmentally friendly and less toxic to your health, a green drain cleaner, like TerraCycle Natural Maintainer & Cleaner (available on Amazon for $9) will also keep your drains cleaner.

Jim Klossner writes about plumbing and heating repair money saving tips for Cahill’s services.  You can connect with Jim on Google +.

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