How to Easily Remove Carpet Stains

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Jul 23, 2013

We all get them. No matter which state you live in, carpet stains are going to happen. Living in Alaska, your potential to run across some stubborn stains is very likely. Your carpet can get stained in many ways. Whether it’s food particles, dog’s urine or wine spill, these things will just find their way into the carpet. But the worst part of it is that carpet cleaning is not always an easy task as it takes a lot of energy and personal time to get good results. Anchorage professional carpet cleaning has what it takes to ensure that your carpet is given a sparkling look. But before you commence stain removal procedures in your carpet, there are a few things which you will need to remember.

Removing stains require that you work from the outer part of the spot and move inwards. The material should also be rinsed using water before you blot again. Do not make a mistake of scrubbing your carpet as this will ruin the fibers that make up the carpet in the long run. This will also be making it easy for any spill to sink deeper into the carpeting material. Also, there are many products that help to remove spot stains, but not all of them work as required. To get the best, there are specific things which you need to keep in mind.

Water Soluble Stains

These types of stains are the easiest to deal with and some of them include beverages, ice cream, milk, jelly, cola, mud and many more. Although you can ask for help from a commercial cleaning company in Alaska to get rid of these types of dirt, you can as well get them removed on your own. There is no reason why you should get worried if water soluble dirt finds their way into your carpet. However, you still need to carry out carpet cleaning so as to prevent your precious surface material from being damaged. And if you opt to do the cleaning on your own, you have to start with choosing the best cleaning solution that suits your personal needs.

Tough Stains, But Water Soluble

Although these stains can dissolve in water, removing them will require more effort. Among the stains that fall into this category include: tea, chocolate, coffee, blood, vomit and mustard among others. If you have the time, you can be able to remove the stains easily. However, for carpet owners who are busy, there is no harm in getting help from an expert. Home based solutions such as ammonia mixed with water can be used to clean the carpet. This home based solution has proven to be very effective in removing these types of stains. But if there are stains that have dried up and penetrated deep into the carpet fibers, a commercial cleaning company in Alaska will assist in making sure the stains are easily removed.

Nasty Stuff

It gets a little harder when you have nasty stuff such a wax, fats and oils on the surface of your carpet. These can be removed by portioning the specific part of the carpet or putting a paper towel and ironing it. This will make the wax; fats and oils transfer to the paper.

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