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How to create the smart bathroom of your dreams

BY Nicole George | Tue Nov 21, 2017
How to create the smart bathroom of your dreams

You’ve heard of the smart home — homes equipped with technologies that provide convenience, comfort and home security. Now get ready for the smart bathroom – bathrooms that promise the same, along with improved cleanliness and safety. From motion-sensor lights to Bluetooth speakers, there’s a wealth of devices that can make your bathroom one of the smartest rooms in your home.

Here are just a few reasons to invest in creating a smart bathroom.


Bathrooms are notorious for harboring germs and being difficult to keep clean. The smart bathroom offers a multitude of hands-free options to help make your bathroom a cleaner, safer place.

  • Motion-activated toilets mean you no longer need to touch the handle to flush. In some models, the seat will even open and close on your approach and departure. Other notable features include self-cleaning toilets, sensors that alert you to leaks, a built-in nightlight, and emergency flushing capabilities during power outages.
  • Touchless faucets and soap dispensers aid with clean, germ-free handwashing.
  • A mopping robot can sweep and mop your floor for you, then tuck itself away when it’s done.


Make the bathroom a more enjoyable place to be and cut down on wasted time with these convenient smart gadgets.

Listen to music

Water and personal electronics do not mix well. Avoid dangerous situations and broken devices by connecting your smartphone or laptop to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker safely built into your bathroom fan or shower. They’re designed so that the music can be heard over the noise of the fan and running water. Some models even come with a remote to adjust volume and change songs.

Never forget to turn off the lights

Smart lighting creates added convenience in the bathroom, especially touch-free smart switches that can sense occupancy and turn on when you enter and off when you leave. Timer switches can also program your fan to run for up to four hours if needed. These smart switches are not only convenient but can help save money on your energy bills.

Monitor water temperature

Experts say keeping shower water at 110 degrees Fahrenheit or lower is best for your hair and skin. Cooler water helps maintain moisture and can prevent dry skin and eczema. You can find showerheads with color-changing indicators that show the exact temperature of the water to make sure it’s not too hot.

Some smart showerheads let you view and control the temperature remotely so that you don’t waste water waiting for your shower to heat up.

Stay up-to-date

New technology makes it easy to keep up with your emails, text messages, news headlines, and weather forecasts in the morning. Bathroom mirrors with TVs, apps and other smartphone-like features are close to becoming a reality for consumers.

In the meantime, mirrors with touch-screen capabilities allow you to change the brightness of built-in LED lighting. Other models quickly defog so that you don’t waste time in the bathroom.


The time we spend in the bathroom can be the only “me time” we get during the day. This makes it the best place to keep track of health issues.

  • Smart bathroom scales not only tell you how much you weigh but also keep track of your body weight through a connected app on your smartphone or tablet. Some can also monitor body fat, bone density, water percentage, and heart rate. Pair one with a fitness tracker, blood pressure monitor, or heart rate monitor and you can get a snapshot of your health at any time.
  • Smart toothbrushes can make brushing more effective and even fun. New electric toothbrushes have digital components that connect to an app to keep track of your brushing habits and provide real-time feedback on how you can brush better. Some models can tell you when you need a new brush head and even order it for you!

Total shower control

Imagine walking into the shower, pressing a button, and having the water set to the exact temperature and pressure you want. Moen offers just that with its digital shower controller. The cloud-based, app-driven controller greets users by name, remembers their personalized shower preferences, including water temperature, and has an automatic timer.

You can even get the shower started from your bed through Moen’s smartphone app. As an added bonus, this device can also provide significant water and energy savings.

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