How to choose the right internet speed

Apr 7, 2014

We are now in the day and age where having internet in your home is a necessity and not a luxury. Smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, computers, video game consoles, and household appliances are just a few devices that benefit from a stable high-speed internet connection.

When the time comes for you to order high-speed Internet, it’s important to understand which speed fits your family’s needs. High-speed Internet providers offer multiple speeds at different prices for you to choose from.

Knowing which type of Internet user you are will help you choose the right speed for your needs. Let’s take a look at a few types of Internet users.


Whether you are young or old, we have all played our fair share of video games in our life. In the past, playing video games with your friends meant going over to their place and playing together in person.

This has drastically changed with high-speed Internet. It is as simple as connecting your console to the Internet and then locating your friend to see if they are online as well.

Not to mention, game consoles require a high-speed Internet connection for various software updates. With this said, it’s important to select higher Mbps when you are deciding between Internet speeds. 15-50 Mbps is the ideal speed for every gamer.

Content streamer

Nowadays most people are subscribing to third party sites such as Netflix to stream their movie content. Streaming content means you can watch the movie of your choice by selecting the movie from the site and pressing play.

This relieves you of the hassle and stress of buying or downloading the movie you want to watch, making it more convenient for the everyday person. 6-10 Mbps is a good starting ground for this type of Internet user.

Basic web surfer

Some of us just need the minimal amount of Mbps because we are simply using the Internet to check our emails, stream some music, and possibly to do some online shopping. These are all basic tasks that we all perform on a daily basis. Typically 4-6 Mbps is the standard amount for this type of user.

Multiple users

Families and homes that have multiple people that are regularly online usually require a substantial amount of Mbps. Most people own a cell phone, computer, and sometimes even a tablet.

Multiply this by the number of people sharing the high-speed Internet connection and without the optimal speed, all the household users could drastically suffer. 15 Mbps or higher is the right speed for those households with multiple users and devices.