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How much Spectrum really costs: What you’ll pay for internet and TV

Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris

Oct 25, 2019 — 4 min read

Curious about Spectrum standard rates or equipment pricing? Get the scoop on Spectrum fees, surcharges and more.

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No contracts! Free equipment! Blazing-fast speeds!

Sometimes internet offers can seem too good to be true.

Shoppers often discover plans with good speeds and solid features, but find themselves asking, are there hidden fees?

With Spectrum cable TV and internet, you might feel that sense of shopper’s caution coming over you, but don’t panic!

Here’s all the information you should know about Spectrum standard rates, fees and more.

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How much is Spectrum internet?

Rather than offering multiple plans, Spectrum provides one standard internet option with speeds up to 200 Mbps starting at $49.99/mo.* The plan’s speed threshold may increase depending on a customer’s location and local bandwidth, but its price will remain the same. Customers in select areas can also choose to upgrade to plans with more speed for additional monthly fees.

While Spectrum internet prices are generally moderate, customers should remain aware of the provider’s standard rate disclaimer. Many internet providers advertise one price, but note in a legal disclaimer that “prevailing rates” will take over after a given amount of time.

Spectrum standard rates generally kick in after a year or two of subscription. Luckily, if the standard price exceeds your budget, you can cancel Spectrum internet at any time for no extra cost.

  • Equipment: Spectrum equipment is currently included in your internet plan. However, customers who opt to use a Spectrum modem (rather than their own) receive the choice to add “in-home Wi-Fi” for an additional $5/mo. This can cause some confusion ― why buy Wi-Fi on top of your internet plan?

    Wi-Fi signals are normally transmitted by routers, while modems simply connect your home to the local cable system. Routers connect to modems to create your home Wi-Fi network, but some modems come with integrated routers for a two-in-one system. Spectrum’s Wi-Fi charge enables your modem’s integrated router service.

    You can skip the monthly Wi-Fi fee by purchasing your own Spectrum-compatible router, but keep in mind that Spectrum technical support will only handle Spectrum equipment issues. If you can’t decide what to do, learn more about the pros and cons of buying and renting equipment with our guide.
  • Installation: Customers have two internet installation options. Spectrum professional installation costs $49.99 one-time and is handled completely by a technician. Self-installation costs $9.99 ― likely due to shipping fees, whether to you or to a store for pickup. If you choose to purchase your own equipment, you can skip the installation fees entirely.
  • Other charges: Customers are required to pay a one-time activation fee of $9.99. You’ll also have a small range of taxes and fees tacked onto your monthly bill, just like you would for any goods or services. These additional costs are unavoidable, but shouldn’t change your payments drastically.

Pro Tip: Check out Spectrum’s customer service page to help you find any solutions you may encounter!

How much is Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV packages start at $44.99/mo.* for 125+ channels and operate very similarly to the provider’s internet plans.

Serviceable customers receive one TV package option which they can add onto and customize as they shop.

Standard rates will replace your package’s initial monthly cost after the first year of subscription, but you can end your service any time without worrying about Spectrum cancellation fees.

  • Broadcast TV Surcharge: Several providers have recently introduced a new fee that has many customers asking, what is a TV broadcast surcharge? Although the fee sounds like something set by a governing organization, it’s actually created and imposed by individual providers.

    According to Spectrum, the fee is intended to help offset rising prices from broadcast companies, who charge cable and satellite providers for consent to carry their broadcast signals. Whether or not this is true (Spectrum states that it cannot provide TV station costs), the $13.50 fee is still a required part of your monthly bill.
  • Equipment: There are several equipment charges you may see on your Spectrum TV bill:
    • To enjoy your entertainment package you’ll need a Spectrum HD-Box, which costs $7.99/mo.* per connected TV.
    • DVR service (for recording, rewinding, pausing, etc.) costs $4.99/mo.* for one TV, or $9.99/mo.* for two or more.
    • In total, one HD-Box with DVR service would cost $12.98/mo.* If your mental calculator is starting to jam, keep in mind that you do not need DVR service for your HD-Box to receive channels, nor do you need it on all of your connected TVs. You can order several HD-Boxes and only add DVR service to one if you prefer!
  • Add-ons: Any package upgrades, premium channels, exclusive sports channels or international programming will require additional fees.
  • Installation: Like its internet installation options, Spectrum offers two TV installation options ― professional installation for a one-time fee of $49.99 or self-installation for $9.99.
  • Other charges: Your Spectrum bill will include a small range of taxes and fees (e.g. FCC fees, franchise fees), similar to those charged for any goods or services. These costs are unavoidable, but shouldn’t change your payments drastically.

To avoid incurring miscellaneous charges like late fees or unreturned equipment fees, be sure to pay your monthly bills on time and take good care of leased equipment.

If you have any other questions before you order a plan, call to speak with a Spectrum agent.

You can also view a complete list of Spectrum fees attached to services in your area using the provider’s Ratecard tool.

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