How Energy Efficient Appliances Can Save Your Household Budget

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Nov 12, 2013

How Energy Efficient Applicances Can Save Your Household Budget You can’t afford to be wasteful these days. Energy prices are soaring. While you can certainly keep your old appliances, and try to minimize the use of electronic gadgets to save some money, the real savings will come when you upgrade your appliances to more energy efficient models. Why? Because things like refrigerators, washing machines, HVAC, and T.V.s are items used regularly. Consequently, they’re the biggest energy sinks in your home.


Washers get used every week. You can’t get around it – at least not if you’re part of civilized society. You need to wash your clothes. If you have a particularly large family, you might benefit from the Frigidaire FAFW3921. It’s the most energy-efficient washer on the market, according to Energy Star. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern washing machine, but it only uses a mere 92 kWh annually, costing you just $78 on the high-side. Lifetime annual operating cost is just $861.

If you have a small family, or no kids, you might benefit from the Miele W3037. It costs just $55 per year to operate with a lifetime operation cost of just $603.


You’ve got to keep the food cold, and the best way to do that is the Frigidaire FFUI1826M. Annual operation cost is $38 and the lifetime cost is $462. It’s got an auto-defrost option along with a few other high-tech features.

Second-best is the XFUT1826M model. It’s got the same specs as the FFUI1826M but a different form factor and layout.


T.V. who would have thought that this would become the mainstay of family rooms across America when it was first invented. T.V.s have come a long way and, while great picture quality has always been something manufacturers strive to improve, energy-efficiency isn’t always high on the list.

The Emerson LE391EM4 tops the list for efficiency, using 61 kWh to operate and costing just $7 per year. It’s a 39″ T.V. to boot, so the efficiency doesn’t come at a sacrifice either. Other models compete fairly well, with the Magnavox 39ME413V/F7 and PHILIPS 39PFL2708/F7 having similar specs.

Get a T.V. you can live with. Most of the efficient models are of the LED or LCD design. These T.V.s don’t always show the blackest of blacks and the viewing angle isn’t always the best – however this largely depends on how the manufacturer chooses to illuminate the screen. An edge-lit LED, for example, is less expensive than a fully back-lit LED T.V., and it saves you more money, but the image quality isn’t as good as a fully back-lit T.V.

Central Air

According to Energy Star, the Broan FS4BI Series with iQ drive control tops the list of energy-saving air conditioning units. The iQ drive split system gives you up to 24.5 SEER. The lifetime cost to operate the unit is just $1,256 on the base model, using just 823 kWhs during the year.

Leonardo is a retired appliance repairman. He now spends his time tending to his antique cars and blogging on the Internet. Visit the Alberta Energy Deals website for more energy saving ideas.

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