Homeowners can maximize home efficiency by mixing energy saving strategies

BY Allconnect | Fri Apr 17, 2015
Homeowners can maximize home efficiency by mixing energy saving strategies

The cost of residential electricity has seen an unfortunate bump up in the last few years. According to The Energy Collective, homeowners nationwide saw a 3.1 percent jump in the cost of electricity, following a 2.5 percent increase as recently as 2013. That’s why it’s no surprise that consumers are constantly searching  for ways to slow energy consumption and shrink monthly bills from local utilities.

“You’ll need multiple solutions to deal with all the issues that make homes less efficient.”

Even small efficiency gains can contribute to big savings at the end of the month. That’s why the following energy saving strategies are well worth your time and investment. Remember not to count on a single efficiency plan to address all of your homes energy issues. You’ll need multiple solutions to deal with all the potential problems that make homes less efficient.

Make small adjustments and see big returns
The key to reducing your monthly energy bill is changing the way you think about using electricity. Reminding yourself to prioritize efficiency in the home on a daily basis will help you to notice instances of energy waste that might have otherwise gone over your head. This mentality will help you make the changes to your daily life that will help make the home more sustainable and have a positive impact on your budget.

There are many areas around the household where sacrificing a bit of convenience will contribute to energy savings. Using more than one of these strategies in concert creates opportunities for even greater savings.  For example, the Department of Energy pointed out that homeowners could save resources by letting their dishes air dry on a rack instead of running their dishwasher’s drying cycle. Similarly, small changes to how the family does laundry, like only running full loads and drying clothes on a rack, can help reduce energy consumption in the home significantly.

Keep a close eye on light switches in the home as well. A quick flick of the wrist could be all that it takes to stop lighting and appliances from jacking up your electricity bill. Consider consolidating the biggest energy draws in each room to a single surge protector. This strategy will make it easy to turn off all the major appliances in a room from one spot. Combining these and other energy-saving strategies is key to keeping your power bills manageable.

Integrate automation to make your home more efficient
You can combine energy saving strategies more directly through home automation. The Residential Energy Services Network pointed out that Internet of Things technology was especially effective at helping to reduce costs associated with heating and cooling. That’s because energy-efficient appliances connected to each other via home automation can help maximize performance.

Home automation can turn a wired mess into an efficient network of appliances.Home automation can turn a wired mess into an efficient network of appliances.

A smart door knob, for example, could be programmed to adjust the home’s automated thermostat as visitors visit and leave the house. Setting up your household network to turn down the AC when you head out from home, for instance, is just one way that appliances can work smarter and save you money when they work together. Depending on how many appliances you are trying to network together, you may need to invest in a robust automation hub as a means of connecting and controlling your home’s devices. There are benefits to be enjoyed from running the entire home from multiple applications on your smartphone. The needs of your household will ultimately determine which approach makes the most sense and saves the most money for your home.

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