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BY contributor | Sat Dec 21, 2013

There are many ways one can store their things around the house without putting far too much spending money into the task. In many ways smaller homes have greater need of proper and smarter storage solutions, so you can’t just throw things in a drawer and call it a day. The following tips will hopefully give you some answers and new ideas you can use so your home will become organized and filled with clever storage space and solutions:

Using a CD rack

There is hardly anything more annoying in the kitchen than dealing with the tupperware we use for our lunches, sandwiches or whatever else we use them for. Keeping track of the lids and not ending up with a big pile of random pieces and containers can be a real pain if we don’t use a proper system. You can do that with a very simple solution – use a metal CD rack and you’ll have a much easier time organizing them. They will be in plain view and also easier to deal with. Lay them down and organize them from small to bigger pieces and you will see for yourself that everything is just fine with this solution.

Using wine racks

You could easily combine a wine rack and some plastic cups into a very useful tool for organizing your office desk. Surprisingly enough they can work very well and they will look different from anything you could have around the office. Choose cups with different colors and wider bottoms and you will have a great way of organizing your desk and personal space.

Using a paper towel holder

You could use one of those to hold more than just paper towels, as they can be used to also store your spools of ribbons if you’re preparing presents and also your cookie cutter shapes as well. The little tower of one of these holders offers many opportunities, limited only by what you decide you can stick on them.

Using soap boxes

Soap boxes are easy to use and they are also pretty cheap. A perfect solution for small items you could easily lose. Use them to store crayons, toys, sewing needles and whatever else you need to store that won’t be lost in the process. You could also use them as travel containers for more than just soap after all.

Using dinner plate cradles

You could easily avoid stacking heavy plates on large piles, exchanging them for a different solution instead – plate cradles. They can keep your plates upright and they could also make them much easier to reach than they would be in the more traditional stacking. On top of that the plates will dry off much more easily if you place them near the sink.

Using a DIY closet organizer solution

If you happen to own a good deal of clothes, scarves, hats and other things that need a good place and smart storage, a good way to deal with that is to use some unorthodox methods. Use strong shower curtain rods or a pull-up bar or even something you’ve made by yourself.

More tips at http://www.removalsandstorageuk.com/self-storage/YO8-personal-storage-hemingbrough.html

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