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Home security cameras catch crooks across the U.S.

BY Allconnect | Tue Aug 26, 2014
Home security cameras catch crooks across the U.S.

Countless would-be thieves have had their identities compromised by home security footage this summer. This trend is of little surprise as several studies conducted by the Urban Institute has linked the presence of surveillance cameras to reductions in crime. A string of burglaries caught on tape point toward the benefits of installing a comprehensive security system to protect your home. Consider the benefit of investing in upgrading your home security system along with other services from home cable services and Internet providers.

California garage bandit profiled on YouTube
The Sacramento County Sheriff’s department caught a break in July when a home surveillance camera capture the face of a suspect in his early 30s as he pilfered an open garage. The video was subsequently posted to YouTube in order to help community members spot and identify the thief, says ABC News 10.

Utah porch cam protects Amazon deliveries
A resident of Murray, Utah installed security cameras above her porch after delivery boxes from Amazon began to go missing in early August, according to The camera footage made it easy for police to identify one of the suspects and their getaway vehicle. The packages were returned to Murray homeowner two hours after she turned into the video evidence and a report to local Police.

FedEx looter arrested in Indianapolis
Footage caught by a home security camera foiled an Indiana criminal after he unknowingly looked directly into the lens, reports The Indianapolis Star. Police suspect the thief had stalked a FedEx truck while it made home deliveries in order to determine which homes to stake out. The owner of the camera posted the video on social media on July 30. Within hours police had apprehended the suspect identified in the video and recovered hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry.

Norfolk surveillance video captures ironic theft
A humorous twist of fate delivered important video evidence to Norfolk police officers in the first week of August. News Channel 3 says that police are on the hunt for a man caught stealing from an unattended ADT van. The thief stole the driver’s wallet but failed to make off with any high-end home security gear. Police are confident the ironic crime will be solved quickly with the help of security camera footage.

Cameras offer hope to home-invasion victims
Two dangerous criminals threatened a Pittsburgh family at gunpoint on August 10, according to CBS Pittsburgh. The men collected the household’s computer and cash before assaulting one of the family members. Thankfully, the family’s recently-installed surveillance cameras were able to give police a large head-start on determining the identities of the home invaders.

High-end cameras stop Minneapolis kidnapping
A Minnesota man’s network of 16 high-definition home security cameras were instrumental in ensuring the safety of a woman kidnapped in late July. CBS Minnesota notes that the cameras allowed police to identify five suspects immediately and identify their location after the kidnappers tried to use a stolen credit card. Local law enforcement described the contribution of the man’s home security cameras as “huge” and told CBS Minnesota that the same security system has caught over 100 suspects.

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