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Home phone service providers can enhance safety

BY Allconnect | Fri Jul 11, 2014
Home phone service providers can enhance safety

Homeowners can enhance their safety by subscribing to home phone service providers. While there are other options, not all of them provide a direct line to first responders. The Island Packet explains that some¬†Voice over Internet Protocol services don’t have 911 connectivity or haven’t properly configured it. As a result, customers aren’t able to reach fire crews, medical personnel or police officers through 911.

The news source and Lee Levesque, public education officer of¬†Bluffton Township, recommend that people research whether their phones connect to local first responders. This is to ensure that homeowners won’t be surprised or endangered when emergencies arise. Furthermore, The Island Packet notes that power outages can disrupt VOIP, making impossible to reach anyone.

That’s why consumers may be better off by subscribing to a traditional home phone service provider. A landline phone may seem outdated, but it can help avoid unnecessary during times of crisis. The ability to reach emergency responders is something that other phone platforms can’t match. In the end, a simple home phone is one of the best tools anyone can have during an emergency.

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