4 Refreshing Home Improvement Tips for A Beautiful Facade

4 Refreshing Home Improvement Tips for A Beautiful Facade

Many people spend a great deal of time, effort, and money improving the interiors of their homes. However, the facade of a house is truly where first impressions are made. And, contrary to many costly home-enhancement guides, there are many simple ways to spruce up your house’s exterior. Here are four of the best and most foolproof tips for beautifying the outside of your home, no matter the style or season.

Repair the Front Door

“The exterior of a house is truly where first impressions are made.”

A house’s front door is more than just a threshold between the outside world and the safety within. Rather, it’s the first impression you make in welcoming visitors and residents alike, and the appearance of your door should always be a welcoming one. Thus, keeping your front door in prime condition can make a world of difference in upping your home’s appearance. A fresh coat of paint, oiled hinges, and routine repairs are all easy – but necessary – steps for immediate improvement. If you’re looking for a bigger facade project, consider widening the frame and installing a large door with elegant knobs.

Fix the Windows

Clean and sparkling windows are a must for any home’s facade. But do not hesitate to replace old, stained, or broken windows, as well as deteriorating frames, if they’re unsightly and not functioning properly. Make sure the window trimming is intact and up to date with fresh paint, and don’t be afraid to add some charming window planter boxes when the season permits. And for your own safety, remember to add proper home security measures to your windows as well.

Mend the Roof

Loose shingles, compromised siding, and clogged gutters can not only diminish the aesthetic appeal of a home’s facade, but they also endanger the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. So, on your own home, make sure to employ a certified roofing company to perform routine check-ups and repairs. Many businesses, such as Washtenaw and Livingston County’s top rated Burke’s Roofing, offer a full roster of services, from gutter clearing to chimney cleaning, saving you the time and trouble of calling on multiple companies.

Look into Landscaping

If you want to go one step further from window boxes, there are endless ways to landscape your home’s exterior for optimal beauty and appeal. Veggie beds, water-wise plants, and schemed floral walkways all lend an eye-catching accent to the front yard. And what’s more, these are all projects you can do yourself, with most home and garden centers offering hands-on tutorials and guidance for DIY lawn maintenance and landscaping. You can even save money on water by creating a functioning irrigation system that replenishes additional vegetation.


When looking to present the best of your home’s facade, make sure you pay attention to seasonal changes and needs. Keep the lawn raked of leaves in the fall and walkways cleared during the snowy, winter months. When possible, try to keep unnecessary clutter such as toys, ornaments, and tools at a minimum. Because not only should your home be a place you can retreat to, but it should also be a well-kept environment where you can feel safe, comfortable, and proud. And the more you take care of your property, the higher its worth will be if you should decide to sell it one day.


Guest Author Bio: Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and researching new topics that help to expand her horizons. You can often find her buried in a good book or out looking for an adventure.

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