Home Decor Inspiration from the Most Pinned Pages on Pinterest

BY contributor | Wed May 29, 2013

Home Decor Inspiration from the Most Pinned Pages on PinterestSuffering from home decor malaise and searching for fresh and creative ideas? Inspiration used to be as far away as books and libraries. Now, it’s just a comfy chair, cup of coffee, and a tap of the finger away.

How to choose the best pages for a mind-boggling amount of creativity might, at one time, have seemed overwhelming – but no more. Try the one-stop cure that so many homemakers and DIY home improvers are using around the world: Pinterest. The famous and still-growing pinboard site just recently ranked at number 50 on the list of most-visited sites in the United States. If you are wondering why 25,330,000 people visited Pinterest last month, find out by visiting the Pinterest idea bank. You are sure to become motivated to take on new projects and freshen up your outlook on life. For starters, check out Pinterest’s top ten most-popular home decor ideas.

#1 — The Picture Wall Composition Chart

Are you stuck with a picture wall that looks like your family photos were arranged haphazardly? Check out the #1 most-pinned item in the home decor category on Pinterest: a chart showing different ways to arrange picture walls. If you thought your picture wall was boring or messy, fear not. There is hope for redemption, and you, like 61,038 other pinners, can rearrange that wall into a decor masterpiece to be proud of.

#2 — The Open Floor Plan

Apparently “open” is the name of the game in floor plans if the #2 most-pinned home decor page on Pinterest is any indication. While changing your floor plan may not be an option (unless you’re planning a move in the near future), there are some other ideas provided that bear consideration: warm-but-neutral wall colors, lots of light, and white cabinetry and moldings can help give an impression of openness and breathability to any floor plan.

#3 — The Ideal Bedroom

Occupying the #3 spot on Pinterest’s most popular home decor pages list is this romantic bedroom set-up. A canopy bed with curtains, a sweet chandelier, and lots of white give it an oh-so-enviable ethereal atmosphere.

#4 — The Hanging Trampoline Bed

Pinterest is ripe with ideas for repurposing old items, and this #4 most-pinned item is a great example. Trampoline converted into an exotic hanging daybed, say what?!

#5 — Northern Lights Tile

An unusual, but colorful, take on shower tile makes #5 on Pinterest’s most-pinned home decor pages list. The arrangement of the colored tiles is reminiscent of the Northern Lights streaking across a dark night sky.

#6 — Inspirational Photo Wall

Here’s one photo wall composition that the #1 most-pinned page didn’t include. The #6 most-pinned home decor page features a grid of family photos on a dark wall, topped by the inspirational reminder that “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.” 33,554 Pinterest users clearly agree.

#7 — The Rainfall Shower

Pinterest’s #7 home decor page is an enviable rainfall shower. In a minimalistic shower room, the stunning rectangular panel from which falls a light-infused column of water droplets is the main attraction. It’s not hard to see why this item is popular.

#8 — The Bookcase Door

It’s easy to imagine many different variations on this idea, which is probably why so many pinners have repinned the #8 most popular Pinterest decor page: the bookcase door. Any home could use a touch of literary whimsy such as this.

#9 — Paint Texturing

Pinterest’s #9 decor page offers an alternative to wallpaper. The idea is amazingly simple: paint a pattern on an accent wall using high-gloss paint in the same color as the matte base coat.

#10 — Bathroom Mirror Re-design

Tired of the flat, unimaginative mirror in your master bathroom? Check out Pinterest’s tenth most-pinned decor idea: a DIY before-and-after refurbished bathroom mirror. The new version is complete with a center shelf for storage and beautiful white molding to frame the edge of the mirror.

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