High-tech Home Improvement: Living Room

BY Allconnect | Fri Apr 24, 2015
High-tech Home Improvement: Living Room

While the kitchen is the number one focus for Internet of Things device manufacturers and consumers, that doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous options for automating the other rooms in the home. Another great place to dip your feet is in the living room. After all, the room with the largest television screen is likely the spot where you’ll make the most of the high speed Internet connection and channel bundle delivered by your local cable provider. There are plenty of devices on the market that are designed around adding functionality to the living room, while other IoT products can function as living room automation devices with a bit of creativity and a few extra button pushes.

Even more IoT devices are just around the corner too, according to Twice. The booming home automation and IoT market has pushed dozens of new players into the market, and many of them will be releasing their debut devices in 2015. Chances are the perfect automation solution for your living room will be available by the end of the year if it’s not already out on the shelves.

“IoT devices add new functionality to the living room.”

Using a hub will help
While devices designed to unify kitchen appliances are fairly common, automation systems designed around making the living room a more connected environment are few and far between. Thankfully, the market is full of non-proprietary hubs designed to give you control over multiple IoT devices from a single source, reported The Citizen. In addition, doing so will simplify the means by which you control the automated devices in your living room, unifying devices with a hub also helps you keep track of the amount of devices currently using your home’s high speed Internet connection.

Say goodbye to TV screen lighting issues
One common problem encountered in living rooms nationwide is the chore of finding the right lighting setup to match the television screen. The wrong angle and light saturation in the room will result in a distracting glare across your television screen. On the other hand, insufficient lighting will force audience members to strain their eye.

Both issues take the fun out of owning a large, high-definition screen – thankfully, automation in the living room has the answer. Simply adding adjustable lighting to the living room and connecting these devices to your smartphone will make it simple to adjust the lighting in your living room as necessary to enjoy a clear picture.

Go the extra mile for full automation
These home automation suggestions for the living room are all fairly straightforward and can basically be operated out of the box. You can achieve an even greater degree of control in your living room by performing a few of your own automation home improvements. For instance, integrating IoT with pieces of furniture will have a whole new level of automated convenience to the living room.

The article recommended using actuators to retrofit seating and cabinets in the living room. Being able to recline your favorite seat and open and close your DVD case with your smartphone would certainly turn your living room into the stuff of science fiction. A bit of creativity and engineering skill will allow you to automate just about anything in the living room.

Use IoT technology to put the "live" in "living room."Use IoT technology to put the “live” in “living room.”

Major manufacturers adding IoT to core devices in the future
Tech industry leaders like Apple and Microsoft are attempting to ride the home automation wave by integrating connectivity into some of their flagship devices. According to CEPro, Apple has already begun sharing its Apple Watch technology with IoT companies in hopes of making the next generation of automation devices compatible with its smartwatch. Incorporating such technology into the living area would make it a cinch to control every automated device in the room from your wrist.

Microsoft is toying with a more direct approach to improving home automation in the living room by adding IoT functionality to its Xbox One console, according to ZDNet. While word on the upgrade is still not official, Microsoft’s acquisition of IoT startups at a rapid rate have analysts pointing toward their gaming console as an obvious choice for the next automation-ready device to come down the company’s pipeline.

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