High-speed Internet allows for new modes of communication

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Nov 11, 2015
High-speed Internet allows for new modes of communication

Keeping in touch with friends, family and loved ones who live hundreds of miles away is far from easy. Between different time zones and conflicting schedules, it’s not uncommon for traditional communication to taper off under the pressure of distance. Thankfully, a robust Internet connection provides you with multiple ways to keep in touch with your precious people across the country.<

Whether you’re desperate to streamline your monthly bills or simply looking to spice up your long-distance relationship with a bit of variety, the Internet puts endless new communication strategies at your disposal. The trick is making sure that your connection is reliable and fast enough to facilitate crisp communication between you and your loved ones.

After all, nothing ruins a heartfelt conversation between long-time friends like dropped calls or buffering video. A faster Internet connection can also make it easier to reach out to family more often and in exciting new ways. Read on to learn more about how boosting your bandwidth makes it easier to stay in touch with anyone and everyone.

“Boosting your bandwidth makes it easier to stay in touch.”

Phone service is available over your Internet connection
Looking for a way to cut down your utilities but don’t want to lose the ability to enjoy a phone conversation without your mobile device? More service providers are offering Voice-over-Internet-Protocol phone services to their customers, which make it possible to dialĀ and receive phone calls over your Internet connection. According to Consumer Affairs, homeowners with a VoIP connection have extra options for blocking unwanted calls to their household as well.

While eliminating your traditional phone bill will reduce the amount of bills you need to keep track of each month, you must also make sure your Internet connection is sufficient to handle the data. If your home is full of bandwidth-draining devices like Internet of Thing appliances, then it may be prudent to reach out to your Internet provider for an upgrade.

Video chatting can help shrink the distance
It can be painful to go months without seeing the face of your favorite sibling or hearing the voice of your significant other. Thankfully, a speedy Internet connection and a high-end video chat application can provide you with the next best thing. The ability to see your conversation partner can help make long-distance communication more vibrant and exciting. Likewise, routine video chats can help loved ones shrink the distance between them.

Much of the magic of video chatting is ruined, however, if participants are forced to constantly restart their computers or reset their routers. If you have difficulties video-chatting with your current connection, you may want to test your current speed to determine a baseline before reaching out to your local cable and Internet provider.

A high-speed connection eases social media navigation
Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook make up the most popular social media websites currently online. Between the three services, users have plenty of options to post messages on each other’s walls, share pictures and exchange links to funny or relevant online content, said The Houston Chronicle. These websites have become increasingly bandwidth-heavy in the past few years, however, especially now that embedded videos and music have ascended to the status quo.

You’ll find it more difficult to access and navigate social media resources like Facebook without bumping into bandwidth-intensive content that could freeze up your computer if you’re Internet connection is found lacking. Keep the lines of communication open and get the most out of social media by upgrading your connection.

Keeping nosy neighbors off your Wi-Fi will help speed up your connection.

The cloud can host a shared destination for videos and posts
Social media isn’t the only way to keep the family in the loop. One easy way for kin separated across several states to keep in touch is to upload and share files via the cloud. A single Dropbox, for example, could be used by several family members using the same log-in information. The online storage space can then be populated with pictures, videos and notes from family members. However, this strategy is only effective if members of the family have sufficient Internet speeds to upload and download full, HD video and photos to the cloud.

Fast Internet allows family members to give and receive digital gifts
Gifts and acts of service are an important part of family communication. Thankfully, purchasing digital gifts for family members is easier than ever. Movies, books and games can be purchased by one family member in a snap, then emailed to another loved one in the form of a redeemable code. Unfortunately, receiving one of these gifts is significantly less exciting for family members stuck slogging through the lower tiers of broadband. What’s the use of getting the latest film in an email if the file takes ages to download? This potential problem speaks to the perks of a high-speed Internet connection. Families interested in exchanging Christmas gifts online, for instance, can now do so without touching an inch of wrapping paper.

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