High Speed Internet Access For Rural Areas

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Jan 13, 2012

There are over 20 million people in the United States that cannot receive traditional high speed internet. Although many service providers are working to broaden their service areas for cable and DSL availability, the results may not be seen for some time to come. For many of these people who live outside of large and mid-sized cities, dial-up Internet access is the only option that they is commonly known.  So, what is a family in Rural Town, USA supposed to do about high speed Internet access? Satellite Internet is the way to go.

Most consumers are not fully aware of how satellite Internet works. Satellite Internet can be divided into two systems; one way satellite and two way satellite. The one way satellite system offers a faster speed than a dial up connection, but due to the fact that it uses some of the same technology as dial-up, phone access is restricted while surfing the Web. The two way satellite system is the type that most consumers are familiar with. The two way system uploads and downloads information by bouncing information between the satellite dish on the ground and the satellite in space. This technology allows users to access to the phone while accessing the internet.

Some more good news for people in rural areas looking for high speed internet is that in 2012  HughesNet, one of two major providers in the United States, will be launching a next-generation satellite. This new satellite, named Jupiter, will be able to transfer data faster than the company’s current satellite and will be the industry leader.

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