High electric bill? Here’s why it may not be as affordable as you’d like

Jul 16, 2014

You may think that your most important bills come from your cable and internet providers, but you also have to think about your utilities. Your electricity is essential to daily life so you have to pay the bill on time, but it may be higher than you want. Here’s why your monthly rate isn’t as affordable as it can be:

You leave things on

The most common mistake many people make is leaving devices on when they should be turned off. This can range from everything from TVs and lamps to fans and computers. The problem is that some consumers think that technology doesn’t use electricity when it’s idle and not fully active.

That’s simply not true. Almost every gadget in your house is consuming electricity at all times (including when it’s off, but it’s too inconvenient to unplug everything all the time). Just remember to power down anything when it’s not in use. Done watching TV? Hit the power button. Leaving the living room to hit the hay? Switch off the lamp before bed.

Even better, you can use new technology to eliminate this step. New sensors can track room occupancy and turn devices on or off accordingly. This is an extremely convenient solution to help ensure that you’re not wasting power in empty rooms.

Devices are out of date

It’s easy to get comfortable with electronics, but that can be bad for your monthly bill. Simply put, you need to look for old appliances and devices. Many old devices weren’t designed with energy efficiency in mind, meaning that they can be quite the electricity hogs.

This extends from large appliances like refrigerators to smaller items like light bulbs. Almost anything in your home that hasn’t been upgraded for the better part of the decade is probably a huge contributor to your monthly electricity bill.

Running appliances too frequently

What do your washer, dryer and dishwasher have in common? Besides cleaning things, they’re huge electricity users that don’t need to run all that often.

While it may be nice to stay ahead of your chores by washing every individual shirt and plate, you’re just setting yourself up for a huge bill at the end of the month. The best strategy is to wait until you have a full load of dishes and clothes before you turn any of these appliances on.