A Guide To Durable Window Frames

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Oct 21, 2016
A Guide To Durable Window Frames

When trying to modernize a home, or installing windows for the first time, you will need to consider what type of window frames to install. This is a question that is not necessarily based on the shape of the window but the material used in making the windows, especially the frames.

Wooden Frames

Wooden window frames are preferred for their warm wooden grains, insulating properties and the fact that they are easy to paint. However, to prolong the life and beauty of the wooden frame, a lot of maintenance that includes repainting and sealing is needed. This is why manufacturers offer fiberglass or aluminum clad wood frames. The gold standard for wooden frames is those with a solid wood interior and fiberglass exterior, with a drainage system to allow excess water to drain off in the wet season.

Vinyl Frames

People that opt for vinyl window frames do so because they are durable, non- corroding, maintenance free and very energy efficient. With the right treatment, the effect of UV light on vinyl frames can also be minimized, helping them maintain the original color and vibrancy. According to professionals at Arch Design, vinyl molds easily into any shape, therefore you can find a variety of windows that will fit your current home no matter its age.

Fiberglass Frames

The popularity of fiberglass window frames as an alternative to wood has been growing over the years. The main advantages of the frames include the fact that they can be created to mimic the traditional wood profile, they are paintable and low maintenance and that they are extremely strong. Fiberglass is a composition of glass fibers and resin, which means that it expands and contracts very little with changes in the weather. For an even prettier finish, it is possible to add a wood veneer to the interior of the frame.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum window frames are popular for its narrow straight lines which highlight the features of the glass part of the window, durability, slim profile and the fact that it is really low maintenance. The only downside to using aluminum is that in places where the water is salty, like near the beach, the frames will be easily corroded.

The choice you make for window frame material should depend on the budget, how much you value insulation and affordable energy bills and the ideas that you have regarding the aesthetic appeal of the home. When you have the right material, selecting window type options such as casement, double hung, gliding windows, picture windows and many others will not be difficult.

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