Green Moving Tips

Summer is prime moving season. Between the packing materials and fuel usage, moving takes a toll on the environment.  However, with some advanced planning and these tips from Allconnect, you can find ways to lessen the impact of your move on the environment.

For example, use towels, bedding and pillows to cushion breakable items instead of the typical bubble wrap, packing paper and newspaper.  Call retail stores and ask if you can pick up boxes they would otherwise be trashing, just make sure you call first so you don’t waste gas and money driving from store to store.  Once you’ve unpacked, dispose of boxes responsibly by posting them on Craig’s List or Freecycle for others to pick-up and re-use.

On moving day, the doors to your house will likely remain open as you make trips to and from the truck, so turn off the AC or heating unit to avoid waste.

Visit Allconnect for more helpful Green Moving Tips. Every little bit helps.


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