Google continues to innovate with wireless high-speed Internet

BY Allconnect | Fri Oct 17, 2014
Google continues to innovate with wireless high-speed Internet

Google's roll out of its fiber-optic network and subsequent moves to become a major Internet provider have ruffled the feathers of the nation's leading cable providers. The world's leading search engine may step on a few more toes this year as it begins experimenting with technology that could pave the way for high-speed wireless Internet connections. The new technology not only help to expand the high-speed Internet market, but would also fundamentally change the way that businesses and consumers look at telecommunications infrastructure.

Wireless up to speed
The federal government met on Oct. 17 to discuss applications for the 24 GHz wireless spectrum, according to Fortune. Federal Communication Officials are considering ways to support the development of the frequencies' use for applications such as high-speed Internet connections. It's no surprise that Google has already requested permission from the FCC to test and transmit signals at 24 GHz. The tech giant is constantly running tests on the latest technology, but the company's request to the FCC sparked theories that Google is raring to rollout wireless high-speed connections. Reuters reports that the company has previously expressed its interest in supplementing its Fiber network with high speed wireless connections. Google's tests at 24 GHz may open the door for this game-changing approach to connectivity.

More disruption by Google
The consequences for traditional telecoms if wireless high-speed gains popularity would be immense, but Google is no stranger to throwing the market for loop. The search engine's Google Fiber project has essentially spooked telecoms to make faster, cheaper Internet connections available to their customers. Wireless high-speed Internet would be a much bigger threat to as it would eventually make the country's extensive fiber and copper infrastructure inessential, reports ZD Net. Google would also be in prime position to take a piece of the Internet provider market if the company was able to deliver high-speed Internet over a mix of existing fiber-optic cables and high-speed wireless. This approach would also reduce time spent by customers waiting for improved Internet.

FCC smiling on competition
Chances are that the Federal Communications Committee will come to Google's defense if television and cable providers attempt to fight the new technology in court. Chairman Tom Wheeler has already positioned himself as a committed pragmatists with an interest in sustaining a competitive telecommunications market, according to The Hill. Wheeler stressed the importance of competition, and hinted at the FCC's role in maintaining that balance, during his keynote speech at the Comptel Plus Fall 2014 trade show, according to Fierce Telecom.

Wheeler has already made moves to prevent leading telecoms from obliterating their competition, so it would not be surprising if The FCC set regulations on how companies can market or sell wireless energy. New technology helps small companies compete with industry leaders, and Google's new wireless Internet service might be a perfect example of this type of tech.

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