How Good Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value [Video]

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Mar 24, 2016
How Good Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value [Video]

By honing in on a landscaping or outdoor home improvement project, you may be able to not only improve your home’s curb appeal but raise its value overall.

Small things like maintaining your yard or garden can boost your home’s aesthetics, while planting a few trees can serve as a full-blown investment. As they grow, they can shade your home in the summer, lowering your A/C bill. Likewise, they soak up┬ástorm run-off, minimizing the possibility of water damaging the rest of your yard or home.

Getting a little dirty this spring isn’t just a fun family project, but can even change your home’s value. Stick with the Allconnect blog for more tips, and good luck out there!

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