Getting your new home wired and ready

Moving is a pain and dealing with utility and home services companies just adds another hassle to your to-do list. Thankfully, it’s a cinch to minimize stress during a move. Use the following tips to get your new home wired up quickly and conveniently.

Cancel or transfer utility services

Not sure what to do with utilities when moving? Make sure to schedule the end of your utility and home services with your current providers as soon as possible. Don’t risk waiting until the last minute; you’re more likely to pick up extra charges from old providers if you cancel your service near the end of the month.

Also, depending on where you’re moving, you may be able to transfer internet service or take your TV package with you. Check to see if your current provider has coverage at your new address to transfer services and possibly keep your current rates.

Try a new provider

While transferring your internet service may be an option, you should also consider using your move as an opportunity to explore what a rival internet service provider or a new cable provider has to offer. First, determine how much it costs to transfer utilities, like your internet and cable TV, then see if you qualify for a better offer with a different provider.

Starting services with a new internet or cable provider is a great opportunity to take advantage of new customer offers, such as introductory pricing, bundle discounts, free equipment and more.

Consider household needs

Every consumer has unique utility home services preferences and needs. Start by outlining your utility needs before searching for a company.

Do you prefer a traditional or green company? Are you looking for natural gas or electricity? Keep your current satellite TV service or consider a new cable provider? bit of research will reveal which options save the most money.

You should also consider the number of connected internet devices, the desired number of cable channels and whether or not to keep a landline phone for your household.

Use online resources

The internet has made the chore of setting up utilities easier than ever before. Using a resource like Allconnect® to set up your utilities as well as search for a new cable provider or the cheapest internet helps you find the best deals in your area.

Bundle your services

Combining phone, internet and television services into a bundle can create big money-saving opportunities for homeowners. For instance, some providers offer bundle discounts and bundling may save money on other things, like installation fees.

A little bit of prep work before your move will allow you to be completely wired and ready once you move into your new home. To get started, call Allconnect to set up utilities, internet, TV and home phone all on one call!