Getting the Most Out of Your High Speed Internet

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Mar 12, 2013

High speed internet isn’t merely for gamers, although it does make a vast improvement when playing a player-versus-player game. While it’s nice to have websites pop up on your screen almost instantaneously, there are far more benefits to behold. The use of an Internet connection is more than browsing websites for chicken recipes or sending an email to Grandma who lives in a different state. It’s communication to the Nth degree and it’s all at your fingertips.

1. Streaming Video

As time progresses, more and more people are turning away from cable and satellite television in lieu of streaming preferred entertainment directly to the computer. In today’s world, nearly all new televisions are built with VGA, DVI, and HDMI compatibility in order to connect computer devices to them. For a fraction of the monthly cost of television services, you can stream nearly any content you are in the mood for. Many televisions are even built with the most popular Internet content readily available for your high speed Internet connection through wireless networking. Essentially, you could turn a $130 monthly cable bill into a $25 subscription plan through various streaming providers.

2. Phone Services

As it’s hard to find anyone walking around without a smartphone, many don’t have phone services within their homes. With high speed Internet access, you are open to several possibilities for a home phone system based off of your computer or Ethernet network. Subscription fees for these services can be profoundly less than paying monthly for a telephone that is usually used in emergency situations. Although it’s convenient to have the smartphone in your pocket, you’ll find a night out away from the kids easier on your nerves if you know there is a telephone available within the home.

3. Gaming

When it comes to sharing and transferring information at a rapid pace, no other task is more intense as gaming. Games that require textures and movements of other players requires a great deal of bandwidth. In order for the players to be able to interact with each other in near real-time speeds, higher bandwidth is needed. The faster your Internet speed is, the better off you are. Of course, system performance and your own networking equipment play an integral role in gaming. If your router is having functional problems or your computer can’t process the information fast enough, then the high speed could be wasted on gaming. However, high speed Internet gives you the ability to spot that player over the hill in real-time before he or she gets a shot off at you.

4. Working Benefits

In today’s world, many professionals can work from the comfort of their own home offices. By creating a virtual private network back to the office, he or she can access files needed to complete the job. Many establishments utilize IP night vision cameras as a form of security and these can also be accessed from the home displaying the images as they happen. You can perform tasks on your office computer and operate programs without having to install them at home. By gaining control of your office computer through Remote Desktop, you could work using two computers simultaneously while sitting at one.

5. File Transfers

Downloading MP3s and other purchasable content can be accomplished in mere seconds on a high speed Internet connection. Although many servers and websites have a bandwidth cap in order to prevent spectacular download speeds, files can still be collected at an amazing rate. Large video files for social media sites can be uploaded much faster on high speed Internet. You can purchase games from online retailers and download them in hours instead of days. Even Windows updates can take minutes instead of hours.

Broadband Internet has endless possibilities as technology continues to develop. Whether you are a gamer anticipating that coveted “head-shot,” or simply want to watch your favorite television show that is no longer broadcasting on local television channels, high speed Internet can do more than you may realize. It can be a method of great entertainment of virtually any kind, or it can be the means to which you pay your bills every month. Find out what you can do to increase the usefulness of your Internet connection and begin saving money today.

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